The 5 Greatest Guitarists of History Essay

The 5 Greatest Guitarists of History Essay

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Music is an important part of people’s lives. Each culture has developed various instruments over the centuries. These instruments were developed to create an enjoyable sound by themselves and to accompany nature’s instrument, the human voice. As time has progressed, different genres of music have passed through their primes; classical music during the Renaissance, jazz in the early 20th Century, and hard rock and pop in its current prime. In each style of music there are always names associated with their time and sometimes even their instrument. With Bach and Mozart from the Classical Age to Elvis Presley during the classic Rock ‘n Roll Age, each period holds its own outstanding individuals of their time. The recent time period and its popular instruments is no exception. As the Twentieth-Century progressed, so did the popularity of a now commonly recognizable instrument - the guitar. It seems to be an unspoken agreement between composures and consumers of the present that the guitar is almost a required instrument for any song to be popular. This makes the guitar a huge “player” in music so, who have been the biggest “players” of the guitar? There have been diverse guitar players throughout recent history, each with their own style and music genre, but there are a choice few that probably hold the most influence overall on the guitar in: playing style, sound, and music genre. Although there have been many, five guitarists seem to stand above the rest, if only by a little. These five guitarists are: Charlie Christian, Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Eddie Van Halen. These five guitarists have been the most influential in the guitar’s playing style and evolution than any other guitarists of history.
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