The 1940 Disney Movie Pinocchio and Native American Literature Essay examples

The 1940 Disney Movie Pinocchio and Native American Literature Essay examples

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Native American literature began before pen and paper, and before the Europeans came to North America. The Native Americans had already developed a rich history of their own using oral tradition to pass on their stories and myths. This was because the many tribes were so diverse, and at the time, they lacked an actual written language. The oral tradition was not only the telling of a story, but a performance to retell the story of many different themes and ideas. These ideas include a tribe's cultural background, historical events, but most Native American literature contains morals or being creation myths or folklore. Many of their stories had aspects such as relationships between humans and animals and respect for nature and the entire natural world. (Snipes) Most tribes also believed in the thought that the human soul is immortal and the thought of an afterlife. (Danchevskaya) These ideas and concepts not only impacted Native American literature, but many forms of modern literature to this day. According to Victoria Rideout, “Over the past few years, media use among children and teens have become more prevalent than ever...young people are rarely out of contact, or out of reach of the media.” (Rideout) She is saying that there is a connection between the media and childhood. She is also stating that when it comes to media, children are rarely ever out of reach. Mass media reaches out to many art forms, like television and movies. Both of these areas of entertainment impact children, all while using characteristics of Native American literature. Characteristics of Native American literature adapted childhood media to have a more positive effect on children.

The 1940 Disney movie Pinocchio is about a puppet maker,...

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