The 1911 Chinese Revolution Essay

The 1911 Chinese Revolution Essay

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The 1911 Revolution kicked out the Qing Dynasty and broke the barriers to different developments in China. However, the 1911 Revolution has only provided a framework of a republic and made changes in some particular aspects related to immediate problems and difficulties in society. Hence, the relationship between the revolution and the subsequent development of China was very weak. On one hand, I do not agree with the latter part of the statement that the 1911 Revolution brought new problems to China. The conflicts and problems that China suffered in the early/ mid 1910s were mainly due to the weakness of the military force, conflicting political organizations and disorder in society. On the other hand, I agree with the first part of the statement that the 1911 Revolution did not bring peace to China afterwards. In the following paragraphs, I am going to focus on explaining the reasons of emerging new problems in China and also illustrate my points on the factors of the 1911 Revolution which could not bring in peace to China related to the conditions of the country.
It is undoubtedly the military weakness which was one of the main factors for bringing new problems to China, as she was attacked by other countries. Many members of Guomindang were from bourgeois class and the diversity of membership was not large enough. The size of the army commanded by the government was quite small and some historians even said the government had no military force of its own. Most of the military forces in the provinces had declared independence as revolutionary forces. Due to the existence and effects of the imperialist powers carried over from the Qing Dynasty, military forces were still ruled by man, not nation or law. Lack of national integra...

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...ial banks set up. In political development, “Three People's Principles” was established and more ideas about democracy and republic were introduced to Chinese. It also enhanced the unification of China. The 1911 Revolution was an important step in China's modernization process.

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