Essay about THe 1933 Chicago World Fair: Rainbow Fair

Essay about THe 1933 Chicago World Fair: Rainbow Fair

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Since the beginning of the history of human beings, we have displayed an unrelenting amount of curiosity and drive; a curiosity to know about the whole world around us. A drive to gain the knowledge and skill set to achieve all of our goals. These traits have pioneered the progression of life changing inventions and creations for humanity, and the year of 1933 was a time to display all of these. The city of Chicago held the nearly three and half mile fair along its shores for all its citizens to witness ingenuity at its finest. Clustered together was the architecture of the new age; architecture that was geared toward revealing the modernity the city was heading towards. Exhibits allowed visitors to also see inventions firsthand and look forward to how they could improve their lives. Altogether, the organizers hoped that the Century of Progress would demonstrate their main message: That the cooperation and innovation of businesses, sciences, and the government could ultimately create the brightest future for all citizens.
In the time prior to the Century of Progress fair, there was ...

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