The Zodiac Killer Project Essay

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The Zodiac Killer Project
The crime spree murders of the Zodiac killer is one of the greatest unsolved murdered cases of all time. The Zodiac’s murders took place from later 1960s, through to about 1972. Most of The Zodiac’s murders took place in Northern California. Some main areas where murders took place are Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco, California. Two out of the four men that were attacked lived and three women out of the three were killed. The ages of the victims goes from 16 up to about 29 years of age. The Zodiac claimed he murdered 37 people in the letters he sent to the local newspaper.
Investigators were only able to confirm seven victims, two out of these seven survived. The seven murders consisted of David Faraday, Betty Jensen, Michael Mageau, Darlene Ferrin, Bryan Hartnell, Cecelia Shepard, and Paul Stine. The Zodiac struck first when he committed the murders at Lake Herman Road Attack it was the shooting of Betty Lou Jenson who was 16 and David Arthur Faraday who was 17 both in high school. The date of the first murders was December 20, 1968 along Lake Herman Road in the city of Benicia, California. Around 10:15p.m., David Faraday parked his mother's rambler off the road in Lover’s Lane which is a turnout off the side of the road. A little after 11:00p.m., their bodies were found by a nearby resident, Stella Borges, no leads were found when the Solano County Sheriff's Department looked into the case. After forensic data was analyzed by Robert Graysmith, he conclude that another car had drove into the turnout a little before 11:00 p.m. and had parked right next to Faraday's car. The murder then exited his car and walked towards Faraday and Jensen as they were in there were in their car, he ...

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... there was a partner.

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The Zodiac changed his appearance to much to have a physical description his best known for the symbol he wore and wrote on his letters. There is no one yet responsible for the Zodiac killings. No one has been caught and proven to be the Zodiac killer but most agencies that took on the investigation have kept there investigation open and still haven’t closed it. The San Francisco Police Department closed their investigation in April 2004 but re-opened it in March 2007.

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