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Wuthering Heights

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The Deleterious Reactions of a Love That Could Never Be
Wuthering Heights was written during a time in which social structure and culture were very important. All people fell into a specific class depending on the reputation and wealth of their family. Catherine was considered to be in a higher class of society than Heathcliff was because she was part of a wealthy family with a large estate while Heathcliff was only a laborer. This large gap between their social status was one determining factor for the success of their love. Due to the economic forces of the era Catherine was motivated to leave Heathcliff for a man of higher status and more power. Thus causing Catherine and Heathcliff's relationship to never develop into a healthy true love due to their separation. Despite Catherine's desires for status, her and Heathcliff shared a mutual love that was both childish and obsessive. Their separation proved to be almost unbearable by Heathcliff's extreme reactions to Catherine's marriage to Edgar. Due to Catherine's abandonment he felt he was not worry enough to marry Catherine, ther...

... middle of paper ... together. However their love was so strong that they were able to be together mentally while they could never physically be together. Their obsessive attempts to be together only lead to their destruction. The strong social structure of the time caused their initial separation. She was a wealthy gentry while he was only a servant. Heathcliff and Catherine had a strong passion for one another that developed when they were young. Their love's failure to develop resulted in obsessive addiction to one another that lead them to torment and death.

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