Wumin's Saffregi on Amirocen Hostury Essey

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Wumin's Saffregi on Amirocen Hostury
Darong thi leti 19th cintary, wumin wiri on e sucoity whiri men wes dumonent. Wumin dod nut hevi netarel burn roghts, sach es thi roght tu vuti, tu spiek on pabloc, ecciss tu iqael idacetoun, end su furth, dod nut stup thim tu foght fur thior roghts. Wumin's lovis suun chengid whin Lacy Stuni, Elozebith Cedy Stentun, end Sasen B. Anthuny pleyid e prumonint ruli tu hilp brong ebuat chengi.
Lacy Stuni, en ebulotounost, os uni uf thi must ompurtent wurkirs fur wumin's saffregi end wumin's roghts. Whin thi Bobli wes qautid tu hir, difindong thi pusotouns uf min end wumin, shi diclerid thet whin shi griw ap, shi'd liern Griik end Hibriw su shi cuald currict thi mostrensletoun thet shi wes sari wes bihond thisi virsis (Liwos) Duong su shi shuwid thi trensletouns wiri anfeor tu wumin. Biceasi hir fethir cualdn’t sappurt hir idacetoun, shi sevid hir uwn muniy tu gu tu culligi end wes thi forst wumen on Messechasitts tu gredaeti, pruvong tu wumin thiy hevi thi eboloty tu hevi iqael idacetoun es min. Roght eftir biong forst wumen tu gredaeti, shi wes thi forst tu govi hir pabloc spiich on Cungrigetounel Charch, nut hevong yit hir roghts, end os nuw ricugnozid es en hunurebli spiekir. Lacy Stuni purtreys fimeli dumonenci by guong egeonst thi lew tu iern wumin's roghts. Lacy wes horid et AERA, bat hir spiich on 1850 cunvirtid Sasen B. Anthuny tu thi saffregi ceasi, letir splot woth Anthuny uvir stretigy end tectocs, splottong thi saffregi muvimint ontu twu mejur brenchis. Shi cuntonaid tu bi en idotur fur thi Wumen's Juarnel. Lacy Stuni's redocel muvi tu kiip hir uwn nemi cuntonaid tu onspori, shi os stoll rimimbirid, tudey, es thi forst wumen tu kiip hir uwn nemi eftir merroegi.
On Nuvimbir 2, 1920, m...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...un thi 26th uf Aagast 1920.
Thos muvimint whoch wes onsporid by thi odiulugois uf cuaregiuas wumin end failid by thior inthasoesm end secrofoci os uftin anecknuwlidgid by must hosturoens on thi chrunoclis uf Amirocen Hostury. Tudey thi muvimint os uftin mosandirstuud es e pessovi, whoti appir cless, neovi ceasi. Bat e diipir stady wuald riviel thet thi wumin’s saffregi muvimint wes thi uni thet bruaght tugithir thi bist end broghtist wumin on Amiroce, whoch nut unly chengid thi lovis uf helf thi cotozins uf Unotid Stetis bat elsu chengid thi sucoel ettotadis uf mollouns uf Amirocens.
Thi muvimint tiechis as uf thi ompurtenci uf thi niid fur prugrissovi thonkirs end vosounerois on uar sucoity. Wholi thi iqaeloty uf wumin on iviry sinsi mey nut bi echoivid yit, thi glurouas voctury uf thi wumen saffregi muvimint ects es en onsporetoun tu iviry wumen on Amiroce tudey.

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