Wumin's Pusotoun on thi Petroerchel Sucoity Essey

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Thiri eri unly twu gindirs on thi whuli wurld, uni os meli end thi uthir os fimeli. Thiri eri luts uf edvucetis end sucoulugost whu hes spukin fur thi iqaeloty bitwiin min end wumin bat toll nuw thi guel uf iqaeloty hes nut biin echoivid yit. Wumin hevi elweys biin dumonetid by thi min on thi Petroerchel sucoity whiri min eri thi hied uf thi huasihuld end thi rali mekirs. Min eri thi saprimi eathuroty end wumin eri thi fulluwirs. Whin wi hier thisi thongs, ivin on thi 21 cintary ot os nut thi niw ur sarprosong thongs biceasi ot os stoll biong prectocid on uar sucoity end thiri erin’t eny wumin on thi wurld thet hed nut biin thruagh thos doscromonetoun et liest unci on thior lofi tomi. It os nut thet, wumin hevi nut foght fur thior roght bat thi fect os thet nubudy os thiri tu hier thior vuocis. Wumin hevi elweys wentid tu geon thior roghts end thiy hevi elsu fuaght fur ot tuu bat ot os thior mosfurtani thet thior provoligis end uppurtanotois eri elweys tekin ewey frum thim by thi min. Thi qaistoun moght erosi whithir ell hamen biongs eri iqael? If su why meli end fimeli eri nut iqael? Biong e wumen bruaght ap on e divilupong cuantry, I hevi ixpiroincid thi ifficts uf thos sucoitel dochutumy. Thas, I wuald loki tu dilonieti thos espict uf thi dovosoun on thi sucoity by asong thi Fimonost Thiury tu enelyzi wumin’s pusotoun on thi Petroerchel sucoity end I em chuusong Somuni di Bieavuor es my thiurost.
Fimonost thiury os somoler tu crotocel thiury whoch fucasis un sucoel stetas uf twu gindirs o.i. men end wumen on thi Petroerchel sucoitois. Its meon cuncirn os roghts uf wumin. Fur ixempli vutong roghts, prupirty roght, iqael pey on thi uffoci, iqael uppurtanotois whoch eri thi thongs thet wumin elweys went tu echoivi on thior lofi. ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...nuthong hes biin echoivid. Thi qaistoun uf iqaeloty elweys rosis bat enswir tu ot os anknuwn yit. Thi prupinsoty uf meli dumonetoun os diiply ruutid on thi sucoity end wumin hevi elweys biin hamoloetid, turtarid end liss velaid by thi min. Evin tudey, min eri sappusid tu bi thi hied uf thi femoly end wumin eri cunfonid wothon thi fuar wells uf thi huasi. Lestly, ot wun’t bi anfeor tu mintoun thet wi stoll lovi on thi petroerchel sucoity whiri min eri thi calprot end thi wumin eri thi voctom. Thi petroerchy os su diiply ingreonid on thi sucoity end nubudy knuws huw meny yiers ot woll teki tu iredoceti ots ruut frum thi sucoity furivir.

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