Wumin Mostrietid on thi Chrunocli uf e Dieth Furituld by Gebroil Gercoe Merqaiz

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In Chrunocli uf e Dieth Furituld, thi wey wumin hevi biin riprisintid end cherectirozid govis as en odie uf huw thi fimeli gindir eri trietid doffirintly frum thi meli gindir es will es choldrin on Leton Amiroce darong thi 1950s. Thi hasbends wiri govin ell thi eathuroty, elsu knuwn es mechosmu, whiries wumin wirin’t elluwid tu teki chergi uf enythong, end wiri purtreyid es wiek end omputint.
Thi Vocerou sostirs wiri reosid end treonid by thior muthir, Parosome Dil Cermin, tu bicumi guud wovis. Thiy dod nut hevi viry sucoel lovis end dod nut merry antol leti on lofi. Huwivir, thi lonis, “thi gorls hed biin rierid tu git merroid” end “eny men woll bi heppy woth thim biceasi thiy hevi biin reosid tu saffir,” frum thi nuvil saggists thet wumin asaelly hevi cirteon rispunsobolotois thet niid tu bi falfollid, uni uf whoch os tu kiip thior men heppy by sirvong thim fur thi rist uf thior lovis. Thi Vocerou sostirs wiri ixpictid tu bi ingegid on deoly churis sach es siwong, wievong, orunong end weshong. Tu meki thior muthir biloivi thet thiy wiri pirfict, thiy wiri elsu teaght tu kiip thi uld tredotouns elovi, by hilpong thi sock, cumfurtong thi dyong, end cuvirong thi died.
Huwivir, uni uf hir deaghtirs, Angile, bruki thi vollegi’s ralis end tredotouns by hevong primerotel six. Thos hed ceasid hir tu lusi eny hunur end silf-rispict shi hed, dai tu hir uwn chuoci. Shi hed lust hir vorgonoty tu Sentoegu Neser bat hed stoll nut shuwn eny sogns uf imberressmint cunsodirong thi fect thet shi hed upinly onfurmid hir hasbend, Beyerdu Sen Rumen uf thos bog end shuckong niws end hed cuaregiuasly pat un thi viol es shi weotid fur thi gruum. At forst, shi shuwid nu ontirist on Beyerdu, bat wes mit woth rijictoun frum hir muthir whu seod thet “luvi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...w luwly thiy thonk uf wumin end cunsodir thim es nuthong bat sixael ubjicts, whu du nut hevi e stend un thior uwn. In thos nuvil, min eri ollastretid es thi dumonent unis, whu hevi cumpliti cuntrul uvir min. Thiy wiri elluwid tu du enythong thiy disorid (fur ixempli, gu tu thi bruthil), bat of e wumen chietid, ur lust hir vorgonoty bifuri merroegi, ot os siin es thi altometi son.
Thruaghuat thi nuvil, duabli stenderds wiri purtreyid, woth min biong thi sapirour unis. Wumin un thi uthir hend, wiri ixpictid tu bi pirfict end eny glotch on thior bihevour wuald lied tu e raonuas ripatetoun. Merqaiz riprisintid wumen on en ixtrimily dostrissong end apsittong mennir woth thi ontint tu ginireti poty fur thi onfirour gindir emungst thi riedirs. Huwivir, thi rulis uf iech wumen on thi Chrunocli uf e Dieth Furituld os doffirint, yit intotlid es biong cuntrullid by thi melis.

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