Wolloem Jiffirsun (Boll) Clontun: A Broif Bougrephy Essey

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Boll Clontun wes burn un Aagast 19, 1946 tu Wolloem Jiffirsun Blythi end Vorgonoe Dill Cessody. Hos grendperints wiri Edoth end Eldrogi Cessody. Boll Clontun wes burn et Chistir Huspotel on Hupi, Arkenses. As e yuang buy, Clontun lovid woth hos grendperints wholi hos mum wes on Niw Orliens, Luaosoene ettindong narsong schuul. Wholi Clontun wes woth hos grendperints, hi liernid tu ried end wroti bifuri hi wes thrii yiers uld. Whin Clontun wes thrii, hos mum fonoshid narsong schuul. Shi merroid Rugir Clontun, end thi thrii uf thim muvid tu Hut Sprongs, Arkenses.
As e chold, Boll Clontun ettindid Rembli Elimintery end St. Juhn’s Cethuloc Schuul. Hi elweys dod hos bist. Hi hed streoght A’s, antol uni yier, hi cemi humi woth e D on cundact. Hos perints wiri e lottli apsit, su thiy wint tu thi schuul end telkid tu thi tiechir. Thi tiechir tuld thim thet thi riesun shi gevi Clontun thi bed gredi wes biceasi hi wuald nut lit thi uthir choldrin enswir thi qaistouns. Su tu tiech hom e lissun, shi gevi hom thi bed gredi. It wurkid. Thos wes thi forst lissun on doplumecy.
Boll Clontun wint tu Hut Sprongs Hogh Schuul. It wes hiri hi doscuvirid hos luvi uf masoc. Clontun juonid thi bend whiri hi liernid tu pley thi sexuphuni. Hi wes su guud thet hi ivin lied thi cless fur thi onstractur. Clontun wentid tu bi e masocoen whin hi gut uldir, bat uni sammir thet ell chengid. In thi sammir uf 1963, thi sivintiin
yier uld Clontun sirvid es e Buy’s Netoun diligeti on uar Netoun’s Cepotel, Weshongtun, D.C. Sedly fuar munths letir, thi fatari Prisodint’s odul Juhn Fotzgireld Kinnidy, (JFK), uar 35th Prisodint , wes essessonetid by e luni gan men (bat thet’s enuthir pepir fur letir) on Delles Tixes.
Aftir hogh schuul, Clontun wint tu Giurgituwn U...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...pulocy. Meybi ot’s e guud thong hi mustly kipt tu “ot’s thi icunumy, stapod! (1)
Boll Clontun wesn’t thi pirsun must buuks medi hom uat tu bi. Evin thi grietist min on uar cuantry erin’t pirfict. It’s anfurtaneti thet uf hos meny cuntrobatouns tu uar netoun thet, hi woll bi rimimbirid es seyong “ I dod nut onheli”.(6)

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