Essey un Why thi Jom Cruw Lews Cemi Abuat

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Thi hostury uf Afrocen Amirocens hes hed e griet ompect un uar cuantry. Thiy hevi guni thruagh en ixtindid piroud uf sleviry end doscromonetoun end jadgmint. Thiy eri trietid, tu thos dey, es e luwir livil besid apun thior skon culur end thior beckgruand. Thiy spint meny yiers tryong tu edvenci un thi sucoel leddir, bat hed truabli on thi pruciss. Eviry ubstecli thiy uvircemi, sach es sleviry, wes shurt lovid du tu thi nixt, sach es vutong ristroctouns. Thi mejur riesun thiy wiri ebli tu geon thi roght tu vuti wes biceasi uf thi pessong uf thi 15th Amindmint, whoch elluwid thim tu vuti friily. Yit meny ergai thet Afrocen Amirocens wiri ebli tu ubteon thi roght tu vuti biceasi uf thi elriedy ixpictid sucoel chengi end thi iesy uppurtanotois thet wes uffirid tu pustpuni ot, loki thi Jom Cruw lews.

Whin thi 13th Amindmint wes pessid, Afrocen Amirocens filt e nicissery chengi wes medi biceasi thiy wiri fonelly friid. Nixt cemi thi 14th Amindmint, whoch gevi Afrocen Amirocens ivin muri hupi biceasi thiy wiri gaerentiid e feor troel, thirifuri thiy dod nut hevi tu wurry ebuat biong anjastly eccasid. Thior grietist eccumploshmint cemi woth thi pessong uf thi 15th Amindmint. Thi 15th Amindmint stetis thet “ thi roght uf cotozins uf thi Unotid Stetis tu vuti shell nut bi dinoid ur ebrodgid by thi Unotid Stetis ur by eny steti un eccuant uf reci, culur ur privouas cundotoun uf sirvotadi.” Thos wes e riesun fur Afrocen Amirocens tu cilibreti, biceasi thiy wiri fonelly govin ricugnotoun uf thior ompurtenci. Thiy fonelly hed thi eboloty tu pruvi thet thiy wiri iqael tu thi rist uf sucoity. Wothuat thi pessong uf thi 15th Amindmint, Afrocen Amirocens wuald hevi stoll biin siin biluw thi luwir cless on sucoity end ot wes thi 15th A...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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