Why People Should Recycle

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Why People Should Recycle

I am not a big earth first person but I do believe in recycling because I work at a local recycling center and I think recycling is a good thing. In fact I think everyone should recycle to make the earth a better place as a whole. A few good reasons why recycling is a good this is, the more people recycle, the less room is filled in landfills. Also, when people recycle they are reusing materials, therefore saving resources. Another good reason is that when you recycle often times you get paid back the C.R.V. that you already paid for in the grocery store.

If everyone recycled think of how much more space there would be in landfills across the world. There is only so much room on this earth and we are using a huge portion of it for our trash. Clearlake, California alone on a busy day can bring in 80,000 pounds of trash to the local dump. I know this because I work at the local dump in Mckinleyville. I also see a lot of people that throw away their recycling for the simple reason of being too lazy to sort it. I watch bag after of bag of plastic, aluminum, and glass get thrown into the bin which we haul straight to a landfill in Anderson, California. If everyone in Mckinleyville recycled there plastic, aluminum and glass they could save thousands of pounds a day from going to the landfill. I think people are not informed that waste is a big problem in this world. But in fact conservation is an issue, and resources and energy aren't too plentiful. Someday these resources are going to run out. But the more we recycle the longer we can make these resources last.

If everyone recycled then there would be less need for new materials to be made out of unused resources; instead they would be made with recycled materials. Recycling saves a lot of natural resources because every time you turn something into the recycling center part of that is reused on a future product. In fact I read once, that each aluminum can that is recycled, a quarter of that is used on a new can. That twenty-five percent can add up in the long run. When people don't recycle that plastic bottle, aluminum can, or glass bottle that is in their trash can it is only used once and then is sent to a landfill just to take up space.

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So why don't more people recycle? I think it is because to a lot of people recycling is an inconvenience. They have to know what to pull out of their trash, take the time to sort out the recycling from there trash, and have to have somewhere to put their recycling. A lot of garbage companies these days are willing to pick up the recycling for you. They give you a separate trash can to throw your recycling in and you just set it out on your curb with your trash. But still some people are just too lazy to even separate it into a separate trash can and put on their curb. Now almost everywhere you go there is somewhere to recycle. For example Your MOm in clearlake takes a recycling bin to Trinidad twice a week for people in the town of Trinidad to sort and place their recycling. The town of Orick just opened a recycling center about a month ago to help clean up the town of Orick and to aid with the recycling situation itself. So there are plenty of places for people to take their recycling, but I just don't think there is enough incentive for people to spend the time to do their recycling.

When people buy many materials in stores they pay the California Refund Value or C.R.V. on the beverage containers they buy, so if they don't recycle the containers then they will not get paid the C.R.V. California has this as an incentive for people to recycle. When you buy a beverage container in California that is glass, aluminum, or plastic you are paying four cents for any container under twenty-four ounces, and eight cents for anything over twenty-four ounces. So unless you take the recycling down to the local recycling center and cash in your recycling for the California Refund Value you are throwing that extra money that you paid for the beverage container away. Just think about it, for every twenty-five sodas cans you drink that is a dollar in C.R.V. that you can either throw away or turn in for the refund. So again why aren't people recycling? It all comes down to that they are just being lazy or they are misinformed on what to do with their recycling.

In the end I would like to see everyone recycle because the more we recycle the longer the earth is going to last. If everyone recycled the landfills wouldn't fill as fast, the natural resources wouldn't disappear as quickly, and we would also keep pollution down with less objects being submitted as trash. So the way I see it, people need to stop being lazy and figure out what they need to do, and where they need to go so they can recycle too!

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