Essay about Why Gun Control is Better Than No Gun Control

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Why Gun Control is better than No Gun Control
Consequently, a strong need for gun control exists in the United States. Given the evidence of civilian deaths is a convincing way of saying the government needs to limit who is able to purchase a gun. A society overly protected by gun ownership will eventually result in civilian deaths due to the irresponsibility of gun owners, the access of guns to children, and the uncontrolled anger with the ability to use a weapon.
Today there exist much blameless and irresponsible ownership of guns. “Nowadays an adult can murder his parents with a shotgun while they are relaxing in the den and then put Mom and Dad on trial for all the lousy stuff they did to him. Great social scientists will announce him emotionally troubled, and therefore blameless.” (Hazlett 66)
Every day there are news reports on minors taking guns places with them. Minors might take one to school or when going out in public somewhere with a friend. The access of guns to children is a very unsafe thing to carelessly let happen. “Gun-free school zones only stop law-abiding citizens from bringing guns to school. Any kid or adult could fill a backpack or coat with large pockets full of guns and ammo, and no one would be the wiser until he started shooting”. (Weldon)
There are people who display particular characteristics in their personality indicating they should never handle a weapon. For example uncontrolled anger with the ability to use a weapon could result in people getting hurt or even getting killed because someone was firing a gun in the spur of the moment. The Shirley Egan case in March 8th, 1999 is an example of a mother’s uncontrolled anger. Ms. Egan's forty-two-year-old daughter raised the prospect of putting the...

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