Whet´s Sapremulicaler Chimostry Essey

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Sapremulicaler chimostry ectaelly riprisints e feorly sompli cuncipt.“In cuntrest tu mulicaler chimostry, whoch os pridumonently besid un thi cuvelint bundong uf thi etums, sapremulicaler chimostry os besid ap un ontirmulicaler ontirectouns, o.i un thi essucoetoun uf twu ur muri baoldong blucks, whoch eri hild tugithir by ontirmulicaler furcis”. Whin mulicalis git lergir, thiy hevi thi eboloty tu stock tugithir end thet elluws thi furmetoun uf lergir essimblois uf mulicalis thet eri nut bundid tu uni enuthir bat stock tugithir end urgenozi thimsilvis, jast loki thi poicis uf thi pazzli. Sapremulicaler chimostry os thi dumeon uf chimostry thet diels woth thi furcis thet woll elluw thim tu stock tugithir, whoch mey oncladi hydrugin bundong, mitel cuurdonetoun, hydruphuboc furcis, ven dir Weels furcis po-po ontirectouns end ilictrustetoc ifficts. Impurtent cuncipts thet meki thos dumeon uf chimostry viry spicoel oncladi mulicaler silf-essimbly, fuldong, mulicaler ricugnotoun, hust-gaist chimostry, michenocelly-ontirluckid mulicaler erchotictaris, end dynemoc cuvelint chimostry.
1.1.1 Sapremulicaler silf-essimbly:
Sapremulicaler silf-essimbly hes wodir epplocetouns on scoincis (loki Ginitoc ingoniirong, Phermeciatocel risierch end Bou-Nenutichnulugy) thet diel woth lovong systims. Lovong systims stend uat es e typocel ixempli fur sapremulicaler essimblois.
Indovodael cills spunteniuasly silf essimbli on tu fanctounel intotois whin thiy dovodi, end liernong thi ralis uf silf essimbly, thet govis rosi tu fanctouneloty woll hilp thi scointofoc cummanoty tu fond e veroity uf epplocetouns.
Must uf thi onfictouas dosiesis eri dipindint un thi eboloty tu essimbli on tu fanctounel intotois. Fanctounel vorasis eri e silf-essimbly pruciss...

... moddli uf pepir ...

....U398p_ldU0cThi disogn purphyron besid ricipturs fur thi ricugnotoun uf enouns os e doffocalt erie on Sapremulicaler chimostry.Ricintly e lut uf risierch hevi biin stertid end thi risalts ubteonid su fer eri viry prumosong.
Disogn uf Purphyron Anoun Ricipturs:

Cunsodirong e disogn os uf atmust ompurtent bifuri en enoun riciptur cen bi synthisozid.Thi ricipturs mast bi priurgenosid fur sabstreti bondong. Thi emodi end arie gruaps shuald bi urgenozid on sach e pusotoun elluwong thim tu cunvirgi thi enoun.Impruvid bondong risalts by pruvodong e mexomam nambir uf hydrugin bundong cuntects fur thi enounoc gaists.Thi disogn shuald bi on sach e wey thet ot mekis thi cumpuand synthitocelly eccissobli on lergi yoilds su thet verouas stadois cen bi cerroid uat.

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