What Would it Be Like To Be A Rain Drop

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If I were a raindrop, I would feel happy, sad and confused. There are many reasons to these feelings.Imagine that it’s a rainy day today! Coming down from the clouds, people sitting at their window, watching the beauty of nature is what I see. Sounds like a great sight, huh?! Most people love the scenes the nature has created today, others don't. Let me share it with you! Let's start off with why I would be happy!

There are countless reasons to be happy. One is because i give life to a tree, a flower, whatever. To me, that's beautiful. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy being the reason something amazing and extremely helpful in nature was created? Besides creating something, i also have the fact that i make some people feel good, though not always.Millions of falling water droplets make the air cool and environment calm. When we start to fall, slowly, everyone rushes to find safe place to save them. Women rush to the roof tops to take their clothes down, to save from getting wet. Small children get excited. You can easily see them jumping and trying to come out to take a feel of rain, to take a feel of me. To some people, we're a form of relaxation. They enjoy laying in their beds to listen to the sound of us on their roof. Others enjoy sitting by their windows, taking time to reminisce, back when they were younger or to think about a loved one.
The old ponders the rain scene and remembers their childhood and young days, reminiscing when he'd jump in puddles and spin round and round like a record. Yet he never forgets to guard his grandchildren waiting to jump in rain. Still, you see the eagerness of children if they could have been permitted to take a bath. Therefore, he lets them and we fall down around them, knowing that in their eyes we glow and sparkle and make them feel different and better and filled up and clean. We have that type of magic that one dreams of gaining and having.

Have you watched the scene on roads when it starts raining?...ha ha it's a funny scene isn't it? Some people try to escape by running, some try to take shelter under other’s home. Some take bags or books or even magazines to put on their heads, just to try and escape me, a simple

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123helpme.com/search.asp?text=drop">drop of rain. But this is all when it is weak rain, but when it is heavy rain...one has no way. Even umbrellas are insufficient because we form together as one and go about our business and fall, fall as if there's nothing to stop us, no limits, we just fall together. Now this is both a happy and a sad feeling. It makes me happy because there's no limits, but the downside to no limits is we may rain too hard and make the humans angry and frightened. I may also cause the overflow of a river, a lake, something leading to people getting hurt and destroying cities and even killing people. It just would be disastrous, and very sad. Then there's also the fact that i may hit the ground too hard and that's something i wouldn't enjoy.

When humans hear the heavy lightning with thunderous sounds...God saves them. The poor prays in his hut, everyone comes out on the porch. They peep to see the marvelous scene, since god speaks to us and tells us to take it easy. Calmly his voice soothes us, and gives us rhytm to fall slowly and in an harmonious style. We fall so slow that even children are able to stick their tongues out and swallow us, even though we don't enjoy our limit being the inside of a stomach, we still know we'd end up somewhere, somehow.

When we fall along with heavy wind, Some think it's wild and unfair though when you shut your door and window, you still manage to peep outside and see us, something you were trying to hide from!…Ha ha ha!… Hands off to God ….on this beautiful scene creation. How beautiful is the scene of nature?! Yet somehow this leads to me being confused...being a rain drop upon millions The black thunderous clouds, the fading day light due to its darkness, birds rushing to their nests. And the unique beauty of rain, have you really ever taken your time to stare at us? We're unique and clean. Though some people dislike us and never look at us or go outside during the time we decide to fall. Yet when we stop falling, they come out! And these people shower everyday (hopefully), but what are we suppose to think when you never come out when it's raining, all because of fear of getting wet?! What happens when you shower?!Don't you get wet?!

Small water droplets dropping from wet leaves one after one.. creating different sounds when dropping on water, dry leaves, wood or metal. Have you heard them?! They sound great! Small children make paper boats and make them sail. All props go to us.

People cross through water and the unique sound is created by their movement. Something like chrrrrr chrrrrr chrrrrr… Ha ha ha it's funny. The rainbow is formed. Birds come out. They start twittering again. This all sounds so soothing to mind and soul. If I were an artist, i'd paint them. If i could be a poet i'd caricature all that I have seen…. But I am not any of them.. so what?! I am the observer and i get the best view, being part of it all. I feel them and I have shared it with you! I am happy with what I am! Am I right?
Something tells me being a rain drop would be just fine, but i won't change my life...knowing it's just fine. Just like being human we have some ups and downs, being a rain drop, a bird, a flower or even a snow flake has their ups and downs. It's just life...

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