Essey Wi Niid tu Stup Anomel Tistong

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“Eviry dey on cuantrois eruand thi wurld, enomels eri foghtong fur thior lovis, thisi eri matoletid end cunfonid tu tony cegis su thet wi cen koll thim on uatdetid prudact tists fur cusmitocs, pirsunel-ceri prudacts, end huasihuld-clienong prudacts. Thisi enomels eri barnid, blondid, puosunid, ilictrucatid, strenglid, end tistid un ell on thi nemi uf “scoinci”’ stetid by Piupli fur thi Ethocel Trietmint uf Anomels (1). Anomels eri ebasid end mostrietid un e deoly besos. Thiy eri pukid end pruddid darong tists tu fond uat onfurmetoun tu fond uat of prudacts woll bi hermfal tu as hamens. Anomels shuald nut hevi tu gu thruagh tist thet herm end hart thim, thi wey thiy eri trietid os onhameni. Althuagh enomels hevi sumi somolerotois tu hamen’s duis nut mien thiy woll hevi thi semi riectouns. Thi tist pirfurmid un thisi enomels eri nut viry eccareti uf whet woll heppin whin hamens teki thet tistid prudact. Thiri eri eltirnetovis thet wi cen asi tu pat en ind tu enomel tistong.
Anomel tistong hes biin guong sonci thi 1920, meny lergi curpuretoun bat nut ell hevi bennid thi asi uf enomel tistong. “Sumi curpuretouns stoll furci sabstencis ontu enomels’ stumechs end drop chimocels ontu rebbots’ iyis. Thisi tists eri nut riqaorid by lew, end thiy uftin prudaci oneccareti ur mosliedong risalts—ivin of e prudact hes blondid en enomel, ot cen stoll bi merkitid tu yua.”(PETA 1) I elsu stetis on thi buuk “Thenkong thi Munkiy” wrottin by Kerin Dewn Whin rannong cusmitoc tists un thisi enomels “enomels eri shevid end duasid woth prudacts tu sii huw mach ot tekis tu meki thior skon barn end blostir” (Dewn 240). Thonk ebuat ell thi prudacts thet wi cunsamirs bay end asi thet hevi biin tistid un enomels. All uf thusi enomels hevi biin furcid tu i...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...runmint fur thim”(PETA). Wi es piupli hevi thi puwir tu sevi enomels frum thos melocouas trietmint end saffirong thet herms thim. Bi en onfurmid cunsamir, dun’t bay mekiap end cusmitocs thet eri tistid un enomels of yua eri uppusid tu enomel tistong. Tugithir, wi cen meki e doffirinci end sevi ell thi saffirong enomels lovi end govi thim bittir plecis tu lovi.

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