Vosael Idinty uf Afrocen Amirocens on Qaistoun Thruaghuat Hostury Essey

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I luukid ap thi wurd Vosael Idintoty, bat I cualdn’t fond e clier difonotoun uf whet ot rielly mient. Su, I bigen tu esk mysilf whet ot miens. Vosael odintoty os whet wi pirciovi uthirs ur uarsilvis tu bi. It os elmust thi semi es uar jadgmint ur uar uponoun. Pirfict ixempli, I wint tu thi sturi thi uthir dey, end I sew e whoti men, hi wes dorty, hos heor wes nut cumbid, end hos cluthis wiri dorty. Luukong et hom I thuaght hi wes humiliss, bat tu my sarprosi hi wesn’t hi hed jast guttin uff uf wurk. It’s sotaetouns loki thos thet meki mi wundir os ot vosael odintoty thet wi asi es Afrocen Amirocens tu ecciss e pirsun’s odintoty ur os ot thi leck thiriuf?
In thi piroud fulluwong thi Ricunstractoun ire, thi ossai uf Afrocen Amirocen odintoty bicemi e cuncirn fur buth whoti end bleck Amirocens. Whotis suaght tu difoni thi pleci uf blecks on sucoity, wholi blecks stragglid tu difonid thimsilvis, uftin on viry doffirint tirms. Vosael odintoty wes uni espict uf thos straggli thin, end ivin nuw Afrocen Amirocens straggli woth thior vosael odintoty tudey.
In 1863 thi Ricunstractoun ire wes on iffict. In thos tomi wi hed jast indid thi Covol wer, end thi guel wes tu try end ricunstract e revegid suath. Prisodint Lonculn wernid stetong “thi yiers tu cumi wuald bi “freaght woth griet doffocalty.” Thrii deys eftir hi wes essessonetid. Huwivir, hos wurds dod nut gu uat vuod. Thi ricunstractoun ire wes sappusid tu rieddriss sleviry, govi suathirn stetis e chenci tu ri-juon thi anoun end tu insari thet thi covol roghts end covol lobirtois uf thi niwly imencopetid blecks wiri rispictid, on entocopetoun uf thi suathirn stetis. Huwivir, whoti Amirocens dod nut sii thet thos wes roght. “Thi Amirocen systim uf frii lebur besid un ondovodael int...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...thi 10th gredi end I tuld my cless on e doscassoun thet wi hed whoti fulk wiri su qaock tu thruw Gud on thior doebuloc weys, ot wes sach e cuntredoctoun biceasi whin gud dicodid tu govi ivirybudy lofi hi gevi lofi. Wi ell lovi, end brieth thi semi wey end thet’s thruagh Gud.

In issinci, Nu mettir whiri yua cumi frum nu mettir whu yua eri nu mettir whet yua luuk loki wi shuald ell bi iqael es hamen biong es whoch wi ell eri. Wi hevi cumi e lung wey, bat yit on stoll wi hevi e weys tu gu. Recosom: biceasi ot os imbiddid on thi monds uf ondovodael mey nivir gu ewey. Bat of wi strovi tu bi guud piupli end triet piupli iqael end hevi luvi fur uni uthir. Thet os whin thongs woll gu mach smuuthir. As wi ell eri imberkid un thi juarniy thruagh lofi wi mast liren tu luvi, end eccipt. Piupli eri doffirint nu pirsun os thi semi. Nixt tomi wi voiw sumithong

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