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This report will investigate Virgin Galactic and how they achieve high customer satisfaction and competitive advantage whilst looking at their service operations management and investigate how these all function and how they affect customer satisfaction and their competitive advantage.

Virgin Galactic is an organisation, which is part of the Virgin companies; it is one of the latest projects that Richard Branson has undertaken. ‘It was founded by Richard Branson in 2004... that releases a rocket full of paying customers that roars up to the edge of space before gliding back down again.’ (The Guardian, 2014)

Service Operations Concept

“Service concept plays a key role in service design and development. It defines the how and what of service design and it helps mediate between customer needs and the organisation’s strategic intent.” (Goldstein, 2002) Hesket (1986) defines the service concept as the way the “organization’s would like to have its services perceived by its customers, employees, shareholders and lenders”. This means how the organisation wants itself and the goods and services that it sells to be seen by the people involved in the organisation.

Burt Rutan founded SpaceShipOne, along with his company Scaled Composites and who ‘scale developed’ a model of the ship (Virgin Galactic, 2013). His scale won the Ansari X Prize, along with $10 million for being the ‘world’s first privately developed manned spacecraft.’ (Virtuoso, 2014) It allows customers to experience space travel and tourism in a whole new way, for a much lower costs, than competitors before them. The Virgin Galactic Website says ‘the spaceship is designed to take six customers on suborbital space flights. ‘(Virgin Gal...

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This report covered Virgin Galactic’s service operations management, including things such as quality, Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain Management. Virgin Galactic is continuously developing their ideas and keeping looking for ways to improve how they are doing things (Virgin Galactic, 2014).
Overall, Virgin Galactic is a highly popular organisation because it is such a new concept. They do not have very many competitors, yet. This allows them to capture the market and manage things that no other organisation has been able to accomplish or offer to their customers. Due to this, it makes the organisation unique, helping to achieve high customer satisfaction because of the uniqueness of the service being delivered. The whole process that they have undertaken is all very new, so like anything new, there is always room to improve and tweak things.

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