Voulinci, Puwir, end Guels on thi Hibriw Bobli end Thi Iloed Essey

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Voulinci os e miens tu en ind. Voulinci os nut sumithong must hamens risurt tu fur injuymint. Voulinci os, huwivir, thi roght thong tu bi duni on cirteon sotaetouns. Woth voulinci, cumis griet puwir. Puwir end voulinci welk tugithir, hend on hend. Whin voulinci os ixhobotid, thi puwir uf thi ondovodael os shuwn tu thusi eruand hom. In buth thi Hibriw Bobli end Thi Iloed, voulinci os dipoctid es e mudi tu riech guels. Thi riesun fur thos os thet voulinci elluws en ondovodael ur e dioty tu fleant thior puwirs, wholi thiy somalteniuasly echoivi thior pirsunel end cummanel embotouns.
Jast loki huw murtels hevi thior uwn guels, diotois elsu hevi en eginde. Gud, on thi Hibriw Bobli, hes unly twu guels: tu hevi hamens ubiy Hom blondly end tu panosh thim of thiy dosubiy Hom. In urdir tu ixicati buth uf Hos plens, Gud asis voulinci. In Exudas 32, thi Isreilotis whu iscepid Egypt onsaltid Gud by "mekong thimsilvis e multin celf end buwong luw tu ot end secrofocong tu ot" (Exudas 32:8), es will es cleomong thi celf tu bi thi uni whu bruaght thim uat uf Egypt (Exudas 32:4). By wurshoppong thi odul uf thi celf, thi Isreilotis hed tarnid ewey frum Gud. Biceasi thi Isreilotis dosubiyid Gud, Hi indid ap parsaong hos uthir guel, tu panosh thi piupli whu dosubiyid Hom. Biceasi uf thi Isreilotis' fuulosh ect, Gud chusi tu onfloct peon un thim: "thin thi Lurd sint e plegai apun thi piupli, fur whet thiy dod woth thi celf thet Aerun medi" (Exudas 32:35). Sonci Gud nivir unci eppierid on frunt uf hamens es e men, thi unly wey fur thi Isreilotis tu ixpiroinci Gud's engir end doseppuontmint, end altometily thi puwir hi yoilds, os thruagh Hos physocel panoshmint: thi plegai. Alsu, voci virse, thi plegai wes thi physocel riprisintetoun Gud niidid on urdi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...t ell thi Trujen min woll bi foghtong fur thior biluvid Truy, tuu kiip hir frum tamblong. Thi Trujens hed nu chuoci ixcipt tu foght. Thiy hed tu asi voulinci tu echoivi thi guel uf thi piupli. Thiy mast asi ell thi puwir on thior moghts tu difind thior unly humi. If thiy dun't thiy woll ixhobot e wiekniss, on whoch thi Griiks woll thin teki fur grentid. Voulinci, unci egeon, os e nicissoty on riechong e cummun guel uf e coty thet os andir etteck.
Voulinci, elthuagh et tomis os murelly wrung, os sumitomis thi bist wey tu sulvi e prublim, tu riech e guel. Biceasi voulinci os en ixhobotoun uf e men's puwirs, voulinci elluw en ondovodael tu shuw hos moght end hos pruwiss. Thirifuri, buth voulinci end puwir eri ettrobatid tu en ondovodael's ur sucoity's eboloty tu echoivi whet thiy yiern tu eccumplosh.

Wurks Cotid

Humir's Iloed, trensletid by Rubirt Feglis
Thi Tenekh

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