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Of Mice and Men alternative ending.

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Of Mice and Men alternative ending.

He looked down at her and carefully he removed his hand from over her
mouth and she lay still.

''Oh no! I done a real bad thing this time and George aint gonna let

Tend them rabbits for sure''.

Lennie put his head between his knees and started crying out loud,

''Why you gotta shout like that, I didn't mean to kill you, George
gonna be real mad at me now''

Then Lennie remembered something George had told him, if he does
anything bad to go and wait in the brush for him. So Lennie ran out of
the barn and over into the brush to wait for George. A short time
later, George opened the barn door and walked in.

''Lennie, Lennie where are you, Come on Lennie quit fooling around''

Then George froze, his eyes widened in dismay; there laying in front
of him was Curley's wife face down in the straw her body looking
lifeless and limp. George slowly approached her, knees trembling in
fear. He slowly reached down and checked her pulse, she was dead.
George gave a large gulp, he knew Lennie had been in the barn and now
Curley's wife was dead and Lennie was missing, George knew Lennie had
murdered Curley's wife. George shouted out,

''That crazy basted look what he's gone and done this time!''

George broke down into tears; he knew Lennie wasn't an evil guy its
just he's so dumb. He knew it wasn't really Lennies fault because he
probably didn't even realise what he was doing. The reason George was
so upset was because he knew once Curley found out he would slaughter
Lennie as he had been looking for any excuse to get Lennie from day
one. George thought to himself what he was going to do, he knew Lennie
had done a dreadful thing but he had known Lennie for most of his life
and he couldn't just see him slaughtered now, could he? He wondered
whether Lennie had done to many bad things and if it was time to put a
stop to them.

Slim walked in the barn door. George jumped and quickly turned round
to Slim still with a look of astonishment and fear in his eyes. Slim
could see the look on Georges face and he asked him,

''What's up George, you look anxious''.

''Nothing,'' replied George. Slim saw Curley's wife laying face down
in the straw ''Jesus Christ'' he whispered. He rushed over to her and
checked her pulse ''She's dead George! Was it you?''


George answered. ''It was Lennie, what you gonna do Slim we can't kill
him can we?

''It aint up to us George but I gotta find Curley and tell him what's
happened. Where is Lennie now George?''

''I told him if he does something bad to go and hide in the brush and
wait for me to come get him. Darn it Slim! We had it all planned out
we were so close to living out our dream but now its all over''

Slim swiftly exited the barn and went to tell Curley what had
happened. A few minutes later Curly rushed into the barn with a look
of hatred and rage in his eyes he glanced at his wife then came
charging over to George he grabbed him by the throat and pushed him
against the wall

''It was you wasn't it you basted!''

''No,'' cried George, ''It was Lennie.''

''I knew it said Curly where is he hiding? That big Oath I'm gonna
pump his guts full of lead make him hurt real bad''

George told him where Lennie was hiding and Curley set off to find
him. He told George and slim to come with him to show him the way.

They arrived at the Brush where Lennie was hiding George stopped and
said to Curley

''Curley wait, if we go any further he's gonna see us and make a run
for it. Curley give me the gun and I can pretend I'm just there to
talk to him and when he's not looking I'll shoot him.''

''No, I want the pleasure of shooting that big Oath make him feel the
some pain like I'm feeling now''

''Curley don't worry I'll get him right in the guts give him a real
slow and painful death. Plus if you go down there and he runs for it
he might get away''

''Ok,'' replied Curley ''but make sure you get him bad I want that
sucker to die slow''

So Curley handed the gun to George ''You two wait here and hide in the
long grass and when you here the shot walk over to that tree where
he's hiding.''

George slowly walked over to Lennie with the gun hidden behind his
back. He found Lennie sitting on the ground crying with his head in
between his knees.

''Hey Lennie,'' Lennie quickly turned around and ran towards George,

''Boy am I glad to see you George I thought you was never gonna come.
George I did a real bed thing this time,''

''I know Lennie I've seen but don't worry its not your fault you can't
help what you do I realise that now''

Curley prodded Slim, ''Why's he taking so long, he should have done it
by now. Maybe something's gone wrong im gonna go down there and see.''

''No,'' Said Slim, ''wait.''

Then all of a Sudden bang! Curley and slim got up and rushed over to
the brush expecting to see Lennie laying there dead but when they
reached the brush there was no one there Lennie and George had run
away never to return.

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