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Of Mice and Men Why did George and Lennie travel together?

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Of Mice and Men Why did George and Lennie travel together?

George and Lennie travel together for lots of reasons. One of the
first reasons is their personalities. George is a stubborn father like
figure and Lennie is the manipulating child. Lennie needs to be looked
after because if George wasn't there to get him out of trouble he
would probably be dead by now. But then if Lennie wasn't there for
George, George would be very lonely. Lennie can get into lots of
trouble, that's the reason they left Weed. Lennie likes to touch
things and felt this little girl's dress that was in front of him to
feel the material. The little girl turned around and started
screaming. Lennie, being the overgrown child that he is, froze and
couldn't let go. The only way he let go was when George hit him. They
had to hide for days in the irrigation systems because the town all
thought Lennie had raped the little girl.

Another reason why they travel together is their lifestyle. Both of
them want the same dream, a house in the middle of nowhere with a farm
and animals, basically them being their own bosses and seeing the
crops from beginning to end. They both like and want the same things
so they might as well stick together.

George, in the first chapter treats Lennie like his son. An example of
this is when Lennie asked George where they were going and George
bursts out with "So you forgot already, did you? I gotta tell you
again do I? Jesus Christ, you're a crazy b*stard." Lennie also likes
to copy George like a child does, an example of this is when George
replaced his hat, pushed himself back from the river, drew up his
knees and embraced them. Lennie, who had been watching, imitated
George exactly. Also when George shouts at Lennie, he feels guilty
afterwards, Lennie plays on this and manipulates George by telling him
that he didn't have to stay with George and that he could go up and
live in a cave on his own and fend for himself. George doesn't want
that at all and feels very guilty. The sentence after he finished
shouting states this, "His anger left him suddenly. He looked across
the fire at Lennie's anguished face, and then he looked ashamedly at
the flames." Lennie uses emotional blackmail on George.

AL Naiken 10W

Another reason they stick together is because they see they way the
men on the ranches are, very lonely. Their lives seem to be very
boring with no friends, no-one to open up to and no-one to rely on.
Neither George nor Lennie want to be like that so they might as well
stick together. An example of how lonely the men on the ranches are,
is when Lennie and George first enter the bunk-house, over each bunk
there was nailed an apple-box with the opening forward so that it made
two shelves for the personal belongings of the occupant of the bunk.
The shelves were loaded with Western magazines ranch-men love to read
and scoff at and secretly believe. This shows that these men have very
little possessions and the only thing to keep them going is secret
little fantasies they have.

The boss on the ranch seems to think that Lennie and George are trying
to pull a scam. When he asks Lennie what he can do, George answers for
him, the boss asks George what he is trying to pull over. The reason
why they stick together is because George can get Lennie a job by
talking his way round the boss and Lennie can make a good impression
to the boss by using his strength and so that puts George in the
bosses good books.

George tells people lies about him and Lennie in order why they stick
together so that people don't think anything is going on. He tells the
boss that Lennie is his cousin and he told Lennie's mum he would look
after him. George tells Slim that they look after each other and that
Lennie isn't bright so he has to look after him. He says that he has
known him for a long time. He tells Slim that it is a lot nicer going
around with a guy.

I think that the reason that George and Lenny stick together is that
they can't cope without each other. I think that George needs Lennie
for his strength and Lennie needs George for his brains. I also think
that George feels guilty because Lennie's Aunt Clara died and he feels
as if it's his responsibility to look after Lennie.

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