Use of Medium & Elements

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Use of Medium & Elements

During performing scenes from A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen. We used
two different types of Styles. Naturalistic and Non Naturalistic. We
worked in groups on each style. Naturalistic is a form of drama which
is realistic. Not many strategies can be used doing this form. Non
Naturalistic drama can contain many explorative strategies, such as,
Hot seating, Still image, and thought tracking.

The first style we worked on was Non Naturalistic. We chose to the
scene where Krogstad confronted Nora. We made Krogstad two people to
try and show Krogstad's power over Nora. We alternated the lines
between two actors. (Use of spoken language)

Krogstad was wrapped in a big black blanket to represent a black hole
that Nora had fallen into. A hole of lies and deceit, towards Torvald.
Nora was dressed in white to represent her innocence that she thought
she had. We used these colours for symbolism in this production. This
is a drama medium. Using symbolism showed me how different art forms
react with other art forms. (E.g. colour and script) The script
changed for me from then on. The white and black was a contrast that
is widely used in the world. White is used for angels black is used
for hell. White is used for a wedding black is used for a funeral.
White is day. Black is night. People are scared of the night but never
the day.

During this scene we used space wisely. Nora moved backwards as
Krogstad moved forwards. Using movement Krogstad would fly the black
blanket around over Nora head trying to suck her under it. Nora would
back away though trying to resist the dark side. (The outside of the
house). Towards the end of scene where Krogstad dominates Nora and
gets the truth out of her They exchanged blanket. Nora is now wrapped
in black, which symbolises the outside world and the lies and deceit.
It shows the viewer that Nora has no way of escaping what she has

Using Non- Naturalistic drama to produce a scene from A Dolls House
helped me understand the script a bit more. It certainly helped me
figure out how scary the outside world was for Nora and Torvald. The
symbolism in the blankets were a great help also in portraying how
Nora had lied and it had caught up with her. Carrying the black
blanket did help me imagine what the outside world must be like for
the Helmer household. Holding the blanket and moving it closer to Nora
who was a big sheet of white pure innocence felt quite evil yet

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rewarding. It felt as I was engulfing Nora into a black hole and
showing her what she deserved. This helped me understand Krogstad's
feeling of hatred and need for the truth. Nora kept denying though
which made it worse.

I really wanted to use levels in this scene. We did not have time.
Therefore, I will just type my ideas here. I wanted to use a set like

The stars represent the two Krogstad's. Nora would be Standing in the
centre of the stage construction. This would show she is trapped and
enclosed by Krogstad. Krogstad would be high (Use of levels) he would
come down steps to confront Nora. As an actor this would have helped
me understand how powerful Krogstad was at this point. Being above
Nora would have helped me understand and fulfil my role. Everything we
used in the non naturalistic scene did help me get into my role as an
actor a lot better. Sometimes I need a push to get me into my
character and although it was the drama medium and the way we used
them pushing me, it did help.

In the Naturalistic scene I directed it. We had to make this scene as
realistic as possible. We used costume to set the period. We gave Dr
Rank a walking stick to show he has a disease. Nora and Torvald were
dressed in high-class clothes. A long green dress and a suit jacket.
Mrs. Linde was wearing a dress which looked a little freer than
Nora's. I wanted to leave Nora's hair down. The actor did not listen
to me though she would not take her necklace off either. This kind of
ruined it. We used two chairs to show that there was a door.

Body language was essential in this scene. Mrs. Linde had to act
suspicious and Nora had to be quite on edge. When Torvald knocks on
the door Nora had to panic. Nora did this very well and showed fluent
body language portraying a shocked and nervous aroma. Torvald had to
stand quite upright and look important. I made his voice very
demanding and loud. Dr Rank had to be quite helpless and bewildered. I
must admit the actor did this part very well she also looked ill and

When Torvald comes in Nora acted with dignity but we could still tell
she was nervous and wanted to keep Torvald in that room. This did
create Irony, the audience knew that Nora had something to hide but
Torvald did not know a thing.

We used space quite well. The room Nora and Mrs. Linde were in was
quite spacious and the doorway where Torvald and Rank entered looked
realistic in size. They looked quite cramped.

We had to use mime when Nora played the piano because we had no piano
to use for this scene. Nora used her voice to imitate the piano.

Naturalistic drama does not really help me much in exams. It is just
like reading the script out of the book. We had already read the
written script so I do not see why we had to act it out. It did not
seem very valid to me. As a director it did help me though. It made me
see how every detail can effect a performance or the message it is
giving off to the viewers.

I think Non Naturalistic would suit A Doll's House better. The
messages and morals of the play need to be protruding and in
Naturalistic dramas sometimes the morals are not quite so obvious. Non
Naturalistic drama is generally more visually exciting and interesting
to watch. Lighting can be used in a more intense way and so can sound.
In a Naturalistic piece lighting has to be realistic and sound can
only be used for stable objects or weather. In non Naturalistic scenes
strobe lighting can be used, and spotlighting and drums can be used as
SFX. Therefore, in my opinion Non naturalistic drama suits A Doll's
House better than Naturalistic.

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