The First World War (WWI)

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WWI Web activity
     The propaganda at that time was aimed at was aimed the working class of the U.S. The propaganda was directed to the average person, or people that the government thought would help support the war. My first picture shows a little girl asking her dad to but her a war bond. It trying to imply that every family should go out a get a war bond. That little girl is trying to imply to the world that that buying a war bond is a cute or necessary in order to keep a little girl happy. A father never wants to see his little girl cry so he usually gets her what she wants. The government is trying to imply that everyone has to buy a war bond in order to help the little girl (U.S) in order for it to be happy. So the average person might feel somewhat required to go and buy a war bond to keep the U.S happy. Also the image is trying to show that the little war bond is for a good cause. Little children sometimes try say that they will be good in return for the gift. The reality is that the war bonds weren’t doing anything except letting thousand of soldier die for issue that was happening on the other side of the pacific.
     War is probably something that this little girl didn’t want to promote. But she did and she made it seem like if this was a giant wedding or a happy occasion. But in reality war is this torturous place were one side wins just because they have the better weapons or strategy. But in the process killing thousand s of innocent kids. Also when they die there was no one to give them a proper funeral. They were left there to die in mass graves or were left there for parasites to eat their body.

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     The cost of war is something that we all sometimes have to pay in order for freedom. But war should never to be the first answer. The wars in this world are happening because no one used diplomacy but instead death. And because of there foolish mistake thousands of people died. War should always be a last resort unless you want to see your children skeleton on the battlefield.

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