Singapore by author Mary Oliver

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Singapore by author Mary Oliver

Let me begin this paper by introducing you to two people who live among many others in this world. One is an Electrical Engineer and the other is a labourer . According to the world , there is alot of difference in these both . A lot of things vary among them. One is highly educated and the other is not. One works in an Air conditioned office where as the other works in burning sun. The engineer earns in hundreds of thousands where as the labourer earns in hundreds. But there is one thing in common in both of them.There is one thing that is smiliar . Both are earning thir living. Both are working to live their life . No matter how much they earn, but they are doing it to go thorugh this world.

Human Beings have been divided into different categories .There are certain kind of jobs to do in this world. Whatever the job we do, we have to do it sincerely and it is our responsbility to fulfill all the requirements our job requires from us.Once committed to our job, we have to be sincere, honest, devoted and responsible.

This paper focuses mainly on the sincereity as well as the passion with which we do our job. Human body is a very sophisticated machine created by God himself. It can do all sorts of things but there are a few things at which the human body gets very perfect.And that perfectness comes from practice, devotion,love,sincerity and responsibility towards that particular thing. Let me associate the word "thing" in the previous sentence as working. Working for living. Reason I chose to write on this topic was that the Poem " Singapore" written by author Mary Oliver that I read in the book by John Schilb and John Clifford influenced me alot. The Poem narrates the life of a woman which works on an aeroplane and is cleaning teh restrooms which are very dirty. She visually and physically finds the job dirty. But while cleaning that restrooms she sees it in her own world.She finds her hands working in pleasure as she is wondering the scenes of rivers. She realises the truth of life that she has to work to earn her living.

I really admire the phrases author used to describe the feelings , emotions , visions and thoughts of that woman     .

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This poem changed my ideas alot. I have worked too and i even had to clean the restrooms. I can imagine what that woman must be going through although the restrooms at my workplace were hardly ever dirty as it was an Ice Cream parlour. But the phrases author has used to describe her feelings while doing her job, I admire it.

While I was cleaning the restrooms at my job place I thought to myself that I never ever cleaned my restrooms but after coming to U.S. I was cleaning other peoples wastes. I used to share my thoughts with my dad who is a successful businessman.He told me that "Son, when i i started to earn i was employed as a labourer and used to work in burning sun but was always devoted to my work and that devotion to my work has brought me here today where I am now.So devote yourself to your work no matter how discusting you find it and be sincere to it as it is your responsibility. My Fathers words did act on me and after that whenever i used to go on job , I never allowed stupid thoughts to envade my mind . But when I read this poem my mind was totally free from all those thoughts which envaded to shatter my personality and splited me into two different persons.

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