Why English Is Important

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     Being an AP Senior English student – what does it mean to me? In my opinion, this title – “AP Senior English student” – is a symbol of a larger commitment. A commitment, by definition, is dedication to a particular pursuit. In this case, I have chosen to pursue the study of English at such a high level (for a high school student) not simply because it is required by my diploma, but because I have a genuine interest in the subject and a passion for knowledge.
     Commitment to AP Senior English is also an investment in my own education and self-improvement. I know that, in this class, discussion will venture outside the norms of state-required curriculum and venture off into the realms of “outside-the-box” critical thinking. I recognize that just because a particular legislature or organization dictates what should be learned, I have an obligation to overstep these boundaries. This is because I have put myself on a higher path of learning known as the “IB Diploma Program.” An IB Diploma says its holder has universally-recognized mastery at the primary education level. I feel it is my duty to fulfill that obligation and to be an ambassador of County High School’s academic opportunities.
     My definition of an AP Senior English student is simple: a student who understands that knowledge cannot be measured with a ruler. This student pursues knowledge as its own reward. He (or she) recognizes that in order to be successful, and gain the respect and trust of others, one first has to invest in themselves. To me, this class is like a

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