where the red fern grows

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In the story, Billy was walking home one day when there was a dog fight in the ally and he went to investigate to see what was going on and there was a bunch of dog’s beating up on one dog so he decided to get involved and break it up. They all scattered away when they saw him coming. The dog that was getting beat up and was lying on the ground and it was hurt. He went to the dog and saw it was a beautiful hound dog. He also noticed that the dog wasn’t hurt that bad, just scared.
     When Billy was a boy he always wanted a pair of hound dogs. However, as much as he wanted a pair of hounds he did not receive them. Every now and then he would hear the neighboring dogs calling treed to their masters, and their masters whooping back to them to tell the hound that they were on the way. This encouraged Billy to want a hound even more. His dad told him one day that his grandpa wanted to see him soon. Once he got to his grandfather, his grandfather told him that he had seen an ad in the newspaper for some hound dog pups. So he went and got an old tin can and started putting money in it that he made from working in the fields.
Over the next year he had saved up enough money to buy his hound dog. He hiked over the mountains to the nearest town post office because that’s where his dogs where going to be until he picked them up. He got to the post office and put them in a potato sack bag and headed for home. His grandpa had given him a coon trap so he could train his dogs. He named his dogs Little Anne and Old Dan. By the time hunting season had come he had his dogs trained and ready to go. The first night they treed their first ringtail coon. He skinned the coon and took it to his grandfather for money. He gave the money to his father.
After about a year his dogs had become very good at hunting. The neighboring kids thought that their dogs were the best dogs. He told them that his dogs could catch any coon. So they challenged him thinking that they were going to get five dollars out of him.

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They told him about a very old smart coon, they said that he has fooled the smartest dogs out there. Billy knew that his dogs could catch the coon. The neighbor’s dog and Billy’s dogs got in a fight. One of the kids tried to stop the fight with an ax, but while running with the ax he tripped and fell on the ax and died.
After the big incident Billy’s grandfather thought that he needed to move on with life so he entered him in a dog-hunting contest. Billy, his grandfather, and father packed and left the next morning. When they got there Little Anne won a Beauty contest. They were entered into the finals, when it was their night to hunt against one of the finest dogs they were very nervous. They ended up hunting in a blizzard. They caught three coons and won the gold cup. A couple of nights after they got home, Billy decided to take his dogs hunting. Old Dan treed a bobcat, which scared Billy a lot. The bobcat jumped the tree and started fighting with Old Dan. Little Anne jumped right in the way hoping to save Old Dan’s life. They fought for about ten minutes when Billy decided to get involved. He threw his ax at the bobcat. The bobcat still fighting with an ax in it and two dogs on its side it did not give up until his last breath of air. After the fight was over Billy had to carry Old Dan home because he so badly cut up and he couldn’t walk. Billy’s parents tried to help him as much as they could, but he died the next day. A few days later Little Anne died of sadness because Old Dan had died. Billy buried them next to each other. About a year later they had saved up enough money to move to town to get a good education. Billy went to say his last goodbye to his dogs when he realized a red fern had grown over them. There’s a legend about the red fern, only an angel could plant the seeds of a red fern, and that spot was sacred.

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