What Is The Most Effective Way To Discipline Student

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School is the battleground for too many participants. For most teachers and students,

a main battlefield revolves around discipline. Maintaining good discipline is a necessary

condition for establishing a classroom climate that is conducive to learning.

There are many ways to provide discipline, but one of the most productive is motivating

students because they care about what they are learning. Enthusiastic teachers who

present their material in stimulating, meaningful ways motivate students. When students

are actively learning content that has personal meaning for them, they have neither the

time nor the energy to create discipline problems. Conversely, when students feel that

they are passive receptacles for knowledge, they become bored, turned off, and find

satisfaction in acting out.

Stimulating lessons require competition, high-level thinking, working cooperatively,

and create products that evoke pride. Teacher has to increase students’ response, ask

more low-risk, open-ended questions, see that low-ability students have an equal chance

to respond. Of course, it is not easy work. Only teachers, who love their work and give all

their time to make their lessons in such way can increase interest of their students and

therefore provide discipline.

I used to work as a teacher in a school for children with difficult behavior. When I

started my job, the question of discipline was the main. And only after I could

concentrate students’ attention on mathematics, when I knew how to work with students

with different ability at the same time, when I did not give them a moment for relaxation,

the discipline problem was solved.

Competition is highly stimulating and motivates students to achieve their best. When

competition focuses on the means, or process, the results are rewarding and high levels of

learning can be achieved. Teamwork is a positive experience. Winning is important as

playing. In my practice, the process of playing always was stressed above the final score.

I often used games without score that supplemented the more competitive activities.

Cooperative learning or working in groups is very important as well. Students work

together in small groups in the classroom.

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Students learn the material better in this kind

of lesson.

Discipline during the lessons mostly depends on teachers. In the relationship

between effective teaching and discipline, significant attention must be given too the

notion of student hope. As long as students believe that there is real hope for them to be

successful, discipline can be achieved. When students accept negative labels, when they

believe that the material is impossible to learn, no discipline can be achieved.

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