Theory of Evolution

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1809 February 12 - Charles Robert Darwin born at The Mount, Shrewsbury.
1818 - Darwin entered Shrewsbury School.

1825-27 - 22 October Darwin matriculated at Edinburgh University where he studied medicine but operations (without anesthetics) and the sight of blood turned him from that profession.

1827-31 - 15 October Darwin was admitted to Christ's Colledge, Cambridge University, to prepare for a career in the Church. He accepted the Articles of Faith.

1829 Summer - Darwin made an entomological tour of North Wales with Professor F. W. Hope. Darwin's interest in 'bugs and beetles' was longstanding.

1831 - 26 April Darwin received his BA degree. In Spring he began planning a scientific voyage to Canary Islands.

1831 August 29/30 - Darwin received an invitation to serve as unpaid naturalist on the survey ship H.M.S. Beagle, which was to travel around the world. At this point Darwin had no formal training in science.

1831 December 27 - The H.M.S. Beagle sailed from Devonport, England

1832 September 23 - Darwin made his first important fossil find, notably various extinct mammals.

1832 December 16 - Darwin had his first sight of 'Indians' of Tierra de Fuego.

1835 March 26 - Darwin is bittn by Triatoma infestans.

1835 September - Darwin studied geology and the fauna, and flora of Galapagos Islands. Here he made detailed observations, eventually noting of the now-famous 'Darwin's finches' as well as the Galapagos tortoises.

1835 December - Darwin wrote his first known draft of his paper on theory of formation of coral reefs.

1836 October 2 - The H.M.S. Beagle finally returned to England and docked at Falmouth, England.

1837 March 13 - Darwin lives at 36 Great Marlborough Street, London.

1837 May 31 - Darwin read his paper on coral reefs to the London Geological Society

1837 July - Darwin 'Opened first notebook on Transmutation of Species.'

1837 October - Darwin began work leading to Zoology of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, edited and superintended by Charles Darwin, published 1840-1843, 5 volumes.

1838 September 28 - Darwin started to read Malthus, and later claimed to have formulated his theory of evolution by natural selection.

1838 November 11 - Darwin propooses marriage to Emma Wedgwood.

1839 January 1 - Darwin moves to 12 Upper Gower Street, London.

1839 January 24 - Darwin elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

1839 January 29 - Charles Robert Darwin married Emma Wedgwood - Marry, Marry, Marry.

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1839 December 27 - The first Darwin child is born and named William Darwin. Darwin began observations on infant development.

1839 August - Journal of Researches (during the voyage of the Beagle) published by Murray (London).

1839 December - William Erasmus Darwin born.

1841 March 2 - Anne Elizabeth Darwin born.

1842 (May) & 1844 (July) - Darwin wrote preliminary essays, similar in content and structure to Origin of Species, a Pencil Sketch (1842) and a later a longer Outline (1844) in ink.

1842 September 17 - Darwin family moved to Down House, Downe, Kent.

1842 September 25 - Henrietta Emma Darwin born.

1844 - Robert Chambers published his Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation anonymously. The response was vigorous but mixed.

1845 July 9 - Goeorge Howard Darwin born.

1846 October 1 - Darwin finished the third and final volume of The Geology of the Voyage of the Beagle. It was a popular success.

1846 October 1 - Darwin began an eight-year study of barnacles which was to appear in four volumes.

1847 July 8 - Elizabeth Darwin born.

1848 August 16 Francis Darwin born.

1850 January 15 - Leonard Darwin born.

1851 April 23 - Anne Elizabeth Darwin died.

1851 May 13 - Horace Darwin born.

1854 September 9 - Darwin finally finished barnacles and 'began sorting notes for Species theory.'

1856 May 14 - Darwin began to write large work on species, Natural Selection, a massive study on evolution, which he never finished. The Origin was later called an 'Abstract'.

1856 December 6 - Charles Waring Darwin born.

1858 June 18 - Darwin received the now-famous letter from Alfred Russell Wallace, who had formulated a theory of evolution through natural selection. Wallace's key concepts seemed to reflect the very chapter titles of the draft version of Darwin's as yet unpublished Origin.

1858 June 28 - Charles Waring Darwin died.

1858 July 1 - A solution is found. Papers by Darwin and Wallace, announcing theory of Evolution through natural selection, were read at Linnaean Society, London. The effect was underwhelming.

1858 July 20 - Darwin began in earnest writing his Origin of Species.

1858 August 20 - joint paper with Wallace is published.

1859 March 19 - Darwin finished writing the last chapter of Origin.

1859 November 24 - Darwin's Origin of Species is published by Murray of London (1,250 copies, all sold first day).

1860 January 7 - Origin of Species, 2nd edition is published (3,000 copies).

1860-67 - In 1860 Huxley and Wilberfoce debated evolution at Oxford. In later years Darwin worked on unsolved problems of variation and heredity (published in 1868), and later he continued work on botanical works on plant hybridization and variation.

1863 - Darwin began experimental work on climbing and insectivorous plants, an interest that continued until his death.

1864 November 30 - Darwin is awarded Copley Medal of the Royal Society.

1867 February - Darwin again turned his interest to the expression of emotions, which was published in 1872. Darwin began work on 'Man Essay.'

1871 January 15 - Darwin finished correcting proofs of the 'Man Essay,' his Descent of Man, which was published 24 February 1871. Here Darwin amplified concerns raised in the various six editons of the Origin.

1872 February 19 - Origin of Species, 6th edition (3,000 copies)

1872 August 22 - Darwin finished last proofs of The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, published 26 November 1872.

1882 April 19 - Charles Darwin dies at Down House, Downe, Kent, England; he is buried in Westminster Abbey 26 April 1882.


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