The Merchant Of Venice

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     When William Shakespear wrote, The merchant Of

Venice, he made a female character that has a huge influence on

the play. In most of his work, the women don’t have much

power and are not very smart. In the Merchant Of Venice,

Portia is a woman that saves the life of a man using her head.

Another woman created by Shakespear that is a lot alike with

Portia is Beatrice, from Much Ado about Nothing. Both of these

ladies add to the main theme of the plays because of their

brains, and smart remarks, as well as being careing. The

Women share many qualities as well as differences. Portia seems

to Be one of Shakespear’s greatest Characters Because of her

great looks and intelligence her high moral seriousness plays a

role in her character as well. Portia is known throughout the

world because of her amazing qualities. She seems to be able to

handle any situation with her wit. In Most of Shakespear’s plays

the women are made to be less then the men. In the Fourth act

after Portia has saved the life of Antonio, She uses her wit just

as Beatrice would she says,
“ I see sir, you are liberal in offers.
You taught me first to beg...” .
Portia is thought of as an angel having no flaws, which you can tell when Bassanio describes her to Antonio and says,
“ In Belmont is a lady richly left,
and she is fair and fairer the that word,
of wonderous virtues. Nor is the wide world ignorant of her worth,
For the four winds blow in from every coast,
renowned suitors , and her sunny locks
hang hang on her temples like a golden fleece,
which makes her seat of Belmont Colchis’ strond and many Jasons come in quest of her.”

Portia is basically the perfect renaissance lady. She is not

ambitious, she is restrictive . She is way modest, She does not

hold herself above others. Her generosity makes her want to

have more wealth, so that she can help out more amongst the

people she cares about. Besides saving the life of Antonio, portia

is also used to have the theme of deceptive appearances.

Throughout the play, Shakespear uses his characters from the

play to show the audience or reader that a character cannot be

judged by how the appear to the eye, and the person can truley

be something different inside. So basically what it is saying is

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that the eye can lie because we might not see what is actually

there like inside a person, their soul. Bassanio chooses the lead

casket, and although the rest might be good looking and

trustworthy, the treasure was found int he casket of the lead. I

like the part where Portia dresses up as a man and finds the way

to release Antonio from his bond with shylock which no one else

is able to do. Even though Portia is a woman she still has the

ability to use her words in situations, and use her beauty to get

attention from men. I liked this book although, I don’t like

reading Shakespear, I thought this book wasn’t as boring as the

others.I thought the type of book with the deffenitions of words

and phrases helped dramatically and the book was much more

easy to interpret.

I think that even in those times women didn’t have many rights

and people thought of them as more of just people who are there

and have the children and make food for their husbands but this

one (Portia) was a different charater she had a lot of intellegence

virtue and at the same time she was gorgeous! Finally Someone

from the renaissance a woman was portrayed as more than just

a useless house wife. I thought the book was interesting and had

a strong theme.

I would reccomend this book to anyone who likes to see women

have a lot of mind power and wit. I would recommend this book

to anyone who likes a good play. Because I thought this was

good. I have read Romeo and Juliet by shakespear and I also

found that very interesting in that play juliet also has some what

of a power a power over Romeo. Portia had mind power.

Shakespear portrays discrimination toward the jews in this

play. Or anti semitism. This play takes place in the Elizabethan

era, The Jew were considered "vile" and they were looked down

upon. Shakespear presents Judaism as an ' unchangeable trait'

The Elizabethans were looking towards spreading Christianity

and Jews therefore were haveing to do with the devil.

i think that that is wrong dicrimination upon any religion or race

is wrong to me and the dicrimination against the jews especially.

This has been going on for thousands of years. Shakespears play

is age old and has to to do witht this topic. I still thought this

book was very good but hard to understand the pages with the

help on the words were very usefull. I would recommend this

book to people reading about the dicrimination against the Jews.

Shylock The Jew in the play The Merchant Of Venice "the

Villian" was strangely isolated. he was looked at as a leader of

money on interest rather than a reciever of stolen goods. This

concept will prove later to the audience that Jews are "cheap"

and have more interest in possesions. Even in Shakespears time

stereotyping was an aspect of there lives. Shakespears ANTI-

SEMITISM seems harsh, but shows that not all Jews are "vile"

like most people belived at this time. Shylock is looked at to be

hard working. There is actually shown to be some sort of

compassion for the discrimination of Jews in this play. I liked the

fact that Shakespear showed some compassion toward the

discrimination. Being myself a believer of non-discrimination

against everyone! Antonio, another charater, is some what shown

as a "charitable Christisan", WHo lends money freely. which is

totally different in looking at Shylocks Character who is greedy

with his money and preys upon the hardships of others to further

himself. All in all I liked the book I thought it showed verywell

the contrasts between society in the Elizabethan era and maybe

even today?

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