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                    Draft 1- Letter to the Editor paper

                                        U.S. History 4th hour
                                        Nov. 10

1665 65th Street Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Tribune
1864 Rutherford Street Chicago, Illinois
November 10, 1900

To Whom It May Concern

     I am a concerned resident of the great city of Chicago who would like to express a
few ideas on the following subject. For many years, the meat packing industry of this
town has provided many jobs and generated great amounts of commerce. However, the
meat packing plants are the epicenter of a huge health risk to Americans everywhere.

          I recently read an expose called “The Jungle”, by . I had
merely picked it up through a mutual friend out of curiosity, but was quickly wrapped up
in reading of the atrocities of the Chicago meat packing plants. Take for example the
rodent infestation of storage facilities or the recycling of rotten hams and meat scraps. If
that doesn’t make your stomach turn, you should also take into concern the employee’s
daily practice of washing their bacteria laden hands in water intended for a batch of
sausage. None of the above is a lie or an exaggeration my friend, these are true practices
of numerous meat packing facilities in the Chicago area.

          I would like this letter to be published in your great newspaper to bring to
light the conditions of our meat packing plants. It was said that in the Spanish American
War that the rotten canned meats killed more soldiers than bullets. We cannot allow this
to continue. We must hound our legislators for tighter regulations on not only Chicago’s

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meat packing plants but all of America’s packing companies. This is America, one of the
most industrialized and civil nations in all of the world. As upright citizens we cannot sit
back and let such a dishonest and corrupt industry run rampant. Please take these facts
into consideration and help me expose this giant meat packing scandal.

Philip Mullens

the jungle by upton sinclair

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