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The Cay

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The plot tells of a young boy named Phillip and an old black man named Timothy. Phillip and his mom are on a boat to the United States. Their family has always looked down on black people. Then during the night there was a rumble a Phillip fell of his bunk. A German sub-marine hit their boat. They got up put on their close and life jackets and got in the lifeboat.

Then while the life boat was being launched it tipped and everyone fell in the water. Phillip was swimming frantically for his mother but before he knew it he was knocked unconscious by something big. When he woke up he was in a life boat with a old, ugly, black-skinned man. The man said that he got knocked on the head really bad and he was happy to see that he was awake.

The sun was really hot so the black man told him to give him his close so he did. Then the man tore some wood from the boat and made a shelter with the close. Phillip said wear are w wears my mom but the man said she’s not here but she’s probably in a different life boat. Phillip was really thirsty so the man opened a hatch in the boat and took some water out of a keg. He only gave Phillip a half a cup so Phillip asked for more. The man said they must spare as much water as possible.
It was almost dark when the man said maybe some flying fish will jump in our boat for us to eat. Phillip didn’t like the idea of eating raw fish but he was hungry. The next day Phillip woke up and his eyes were blurry he hey there’s something wrong with my eyes. So the man took a wet towel and put it on his head it started to get better. Then Phillip fell back asleep and when he woke up it was dark. Phillip screamed what time is it the man said ten then Phillip its nighttime right the man laughed no its morning. Phillip screamed I’m blind the man was shocked he said here look at the sun, and he pointed Phillip to the sun Phillip said its still dark. During that night he asked what his name is the man said my name is Timothy. Phillip said do you have a last name the man said no Phillip was shocked at this then Timothy said lets get some sleep we have a long day tomorrow.

     The next day Phillip heard a shout it was Timothy and he was yelling land. Phillip was so happy he jump up and fell out of the boat. He started screaming he felt something brush against his leg then he heard timothy shout shark! Phillip started to swim frantically. Then he heard a big splash and timothy grabbed him and put him back in the boat. When they reached land timothy grabbed the water keg and the tin with the food in it and brought them to the beach. Then they built a hut for shelter. Phillip asked timothy if they would ever get rescued then Timothy said a skipper or a plain would probably find us.

Then timothy explained what the island looked like to phillip because he was blind. Then he built a fire on the beach and in the hills by the hut. The fire buy the hut was for heat and the beach fire was to signal planes. Then Timothy took some vines and made a rope leading to the beach so phillip could get there buy himself , and he also made him a cane so he could feel his way around.

Then one day they herd an engine so they ran to the fire and lit it then in an instant the plane sounded far off again. They were running out of water so Timothy built a rain catcher. The next night it rained so timothy and Phillip went out side and embraced the rain because they loved it so much. Then they went back to the hut and the rain was dripping through the roof but it was O.K it felt good.
It was a few months later when Timothy said “There be a typhoon coming”. Timothy told Phillip that they need to do a lot of work before the typhoon came. Timothy tied the water keg to the top of a palm. Phillip gathered food because they were going to eat a lot that night. That night they ate a feast but the next day the Typhoon was going to come. Timothy tied a rope around Phillips hands and tied it to a palm and then did the same with his hands. The winds started to pick up and it started to rain cold rain then the waves started to crash against the island. A few minutes later the storm got really intense Timothy was taking the full blows from the storm to protect me and right then I couldn’t understand why my mom didn’t like black people. After about two hours it died down we had water swirling around are feet because of the waves Timothy said this is just the eye of the storm the other side could be even worse. Then the storm picked up again just then a giant wave came knocking the wind out of us. Right after another one came knocking them unconscious

When he woke up the storm was over but Timothy was still unconscious Phillip untied them as fast as possible. Then he put Timothy on the ground and he woke up and asked if he was okay Phillip said “yes” Timothy said “good” and then Passed on. Then Phillip started to cry really hard he made a grave for his friend and buried him. A few days later Phillip was found buy a passing ship and he swore one day he would navigate to this island and say hi to his friend.

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