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How Steven Spielburg had effect on other directors. He has been writing movies and screenplays since he was 10 years old. Many other directors only start writing when they go into college or many even high schools. However, this is why Steven is so different compared to the other directors of his time.
     Steven was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 18,1947. He was raised in the suburbs of Haddonfield, New Jersey and Scottsdale, Arizona. He went to California State University in Long Branch. He’s married to Kate Capshaw. Also, Steven had children 1 with his ex-wife, 2 adopted, and 4 with his current wife Kate. That’s how he keeps the child alive inside itself. However Kate wasn’t his first wife, he was married before to Amy Irving. Also, one of Spielburg’s sisters Anne is a screenwriter and producer. (Http://,+steven)
     Breaking into the movie industry was a very literal thing for Spielburg. He started out working in a janitor closer, that he cleaned up and turned into an office. While in production with Amblin, they won him several film festival awards, and got him attention of Universal Studios. Not only does he direct movie; he also directs television sitcoms.
     Steven’s first feature film was in 1974, The Sugarland Express. This was a comedy/drama based on a true story of a fugitive couple who flees the authorities with their child, whom they refuse to give up for adoption. This film won an award at Cannes Film Festival in 1974 for Best screenplay. One of his biggest films that he ever directed was Jaws. Jaws was one of the best films of all time by the American Film Institute. This film also won 3 Oscars for editing, sound, and original score. Other great films that Steven created were Close Encounters, E.T., and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park and Saving Private Ryan. (Ann Llyod, The Illustrated Who’s Who of the Cinemas, pg. 349)
     In the year 1982 E.T. became the first movie to be produced by Amblin Films. Amblin Entertainment worked with other studios such as Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Brother Studios. Spielburg was the founder of this company. He’s company was an immediate success. Then in 1994 Dreamworks SKG came along. This was one of the first new movie studios in Hollywood in over 75 years. The partnership between this company was Steven Spielburg, Jeffery Katzenberg, and David Geffen.

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They formed a Media Company that would reach into the fields of live action and animated movies, music, computers games, arcades, television production and movie distribution. Steven owns 100% of Amblin, but in Dreamworks he only owns 22%. (Phil Hardy, The Encyclopedia of Horror Movies, pg.413)
     Steven wasn’t only a director; he also was a writer and producer of many films. He won nine academy awards. He also won nine British academy awards, six daytime Emmy awards, nine golden globes, four golden satellite awards, and five PGA golden laurel awards. Steven won tons of other awards to for his great directing and producing of these films, in which he made though 1978 to 1999. He is the most commercially – successful filmmaker in Hollywood history. Spielburg’s first major misstep was in 1979 with slapstick war comedy 1941. After this misstep he regained his footing with Raiders of the Lost Ark, that was produced by Lucas. This film was the biggest hit of that century. Then after that film, Steven had another great success E.T. the Extra Terrestrial.
     Steven was a director of 40, producer of 81, actor in 17, writer of 10, and editor of 1 of all of his famous hit movies that he ever made since 1957 to 2000. To all of the other directors and producers they look up to Spielburg because of that he accomplish in all the years he has been working in Hollywood. Also, Steven is one of the highest paid people in show biz as of right now. He plans on working even harder as this year goes on. (Http:// )
     Steven was a huge television success on the big screen with all of his screenplays and television sitcoms. Most of the sitcoms where cartoons for the younger audience. These show for the younger audience you can watch mostly on the WB. These show conceits of Animanicacs, Flintstones, Pinky and the Brain, Men in Black, Casper, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Freakazoid. Also, Steven made some television sitcoms for the adult audience. These shows are: ER
(Emergency room), and Class of ’61 (witch I don’t think is out anymore).
     One of Steven Spielburg’s best partners was Lucas. They were great together; everyone loved their work. Lucas helped Steven with one of his first films ever called Escape to Nowhere, and with his help he won his first film contest and dictated it to Lucas for all the help that he give him thoughout the time he helped.
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