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spanking children

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Reaction Paper: Spanking

     When I was a child, I could not remember a time when my parents spanked me. I asked my mom how she and my dad disciplined my three brothers and I, and she said she never spanked us. When we got into trouble we were sent to our room, and had privileges taken away. My mom also said that she can remember spanking my younger brother once, but left a bruise on his bottom, and she felt so bad that she never did it again.
     I personally do not advocate spanking. I could not imagine losing my temper to a point where I thought I needed to spank my child. While I do anticipate that having children will be a real test of patience, I do not expect that I will lose my patience so much that I will spank my children. I find spanking to be a real contradiction to what most parents tell their children. Most parents do not allow their children to hit, whether they are angry or not. Even when kids think another kid did something wrong, or bad, they are still not allowed to hit. If a parent tells a kid this, and then turns around and spanks the kid when they do something wrong, how will the kid ever learn that hitting is wrong? In my opinion, there has to be a better way to discipline children. I think that sending a child to a room where they cannot interact with anyone else, and then taking away a privilege would be a better way of handling discipline. Also, when I was a child, I can remember that when I was angry, my dad would come in to my room after I had time to cool down and talk to me about why I was angry. I can remember these as really fond times with my dad. It helped me identify why I was so angry, and most of the time it was at my mom for not letting me have my way. When I could identify why I was angry, my dad and I could come up with a solution to solve the problem. I think that rather than spanking, this is a good way to discipline children. They have a chance to resolve their anger, but at the same time have something taken away from them so that they can understand the behavior they displayed was wrong. To me, spanking is just an impulsive way of discipline that instills fear in the children and resolves nothing. It teaches children that spanking is okay and is a way of resolving arguments between parents and children. Rather, I think verbal communication is essential to solving these disputes. Hitting someone I love so much, no matter how angry I am, just does not seem right

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