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Persuasive Essay

“Poorly Written Communication”

                              Poorly Written Communication 2


After a poorly written memo caused hard feelings and loss of morale, the company decided to

start writing courses, believing that the effectiveness of enhancing written communication skills

within a work place is necessary for any successful business.

     In “A case for clear writing” C. Petrini states, the ability to communicate written

information in a clear, concise and accurate manner can provide significant benefits to

employees and their companies. Poor communication within a work place can cause serious

miscommunication, which in ways could cause loss of work time, due to doing the wrong job.

Another problem that could dampen works productivity is hurt feelings. This alone could cripple

a business by causing lack of productivity and lack of morale. If you ever plan to expand, your

business and have a successful one, you need good writing skills.

     If our business continues to have a lack of writing ability, it could result in personnel

quitting or total lack of respect in the end. There are many other areas in which this could

affect our business but one, which would really be an eye opener, is a possible lawsuit. In the

article “ The you understood” P. Vassallo it says When writing we don’t have the

luxury of using vocal intonations or body language to add to our meaning. If you call someone

crazy in writing, you suggest either that person lacks sanity or that you lack judgment.

     A writing workshop would benefit our business in many ways. The first thing

that comes to mind is higher morale, Since the workshop would teach us to write clear and

concise papers, this could cause less confusion with the employees when reading bulletins

published by management and a lot less hurt feelings. As stated in “ Improving your technical

writing” by R. Ramsey, the ability to write competently is a requirement for success in any field.

                                        Poorly Written Communication 3

Written communication should be treated as sales letters.

I did my research and found A local college that offers a 20-hour class on professional

writing and improving poor writing skills within a business. The college informed me that it offers

offer two different classes one for higher management and one for all the other employees. The

two courses are 20 hours in length and each can handle 25 students. After a closer look at what

is being taught in the courses I have listed a few of the topics covered I feel that are important to

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our current situation within the work place. The first thing that we are taught is how to clearly

state our ideas and suggestions on paper without sending a false message and confusing fellow

employees. We will be taught the proper way to structure sentences and the use of different

styles of letter writing. I know I only listed a couple of the class topic and If further information

is needed the course counselor will gladly sit down with you to discuss in detail what else, it has to they

offer. If we want, we can also give them a list of topics to teach. College staff members They are very flexible with

what they can teach since this will be a class only for our employees.

I also talked to the counselor about proposed dates that this class could be taught he

informed me that This course could be taught over a two-week period. Both classes are taught by

an English professor and a business Management professor (One who has his Masters in

Business management). These classes our offered Monday through Friday starting at 3:00

P.M. and ending at 5:00 P.M. my suggestion would be since these classes are during working

hours that we do half the employees one time and the other half at the start of the next class. By

doing this we wont loose business and work will still be getting done. This class costs

$100.00 dollars a student; I know your thinking that’s allot of money but if you look at what’s

being offered or can be offered its reasonable. I looked at other institutes that do similar training

                                        Poorly Written Communication 4

and these prices were by far the lowest without losing quality.

I propose that the company pick up the tab for all employees attending the class and all

employees should still be receiving their hourly rate while in class. In the end, the Company will

be reaping the benefits from this class. The plusses will out number any minuses you might think

up. An added bonus is all classes are taught at the college, which is 5 miles away from work so

it is not out of the way for anyone. I think the Company should encourage this course by paying

for it, which will show the employees you, care and by paying them for their time in class it will

show them you want them to further their education.
A writing workshop would substantially benefit the business in many ways. I know at

first it will seem that the company has paid allot of money with no physical evidence of value. If

you look at it on a different level, you will see that you are encouraging growth within our

company, which could spark new ideas and build a group of employees that work great together

with less confusion. You do not need to look at this as a money pit but more along the lines as a

future investment an investment into your employee’s education. The rewards will be months

down the line you will see a drastic change within your business professional writing ability and

their means of understanding what each other has written.

Not taking advantage of the opportunity to educate your employee’s would be a grave

mistake for our company and could cause a disservice to our business to our employees and to

the customers. With all this said the choice is yours I know you will make right choice the one

that will push our business above others. Thank you for your time and I will see you in class.

Poorly Written Communication 5


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