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Multiple Personality Disorder

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The day I learned my Grandma had Multiple Personality Disorder was a tough day. But the day my Grandma finally talked to me about it was a better day. Leading up to this day was long and tough. First, I had to figure out what it was, and that took much time. I also had to figure out how terrific my Grandma is as a person and a friend. So I decided to dig deep and start my journey.
     The next day I went to the library and began reading about the disorder my Grandma had. I think I was about ten so it was hard for me to understand what I was reading. So I asked the librarian for help. She began explaining to me what Multiple Personality Disorder was. It was tough to think that my Grandma, the strongest person I know, was suffering from such a terrible disorder. I went home and began thinking; I might have this disorder. I asked my dad and he replied, “I would not worry about it.”
     It took me a long time to fall asleep that night. But before I fell asleep I decided to talk to my Grandma about it. The next day I went over to her house and asked her about it. Immediately she changed the subject asking, how my day was going and so on. She offered me juice and cookies. After I was done, I went home wondering why she wouldn’t tell me. After that day I just forgot about the whole thing.
     A few months later my dad received a call saying that my Grandma was in the hospital. She had been forgetting to take her medicine and she had attacked my Grandpa. She did not hurt him though. I never thought that, it would ever happen. We went to visit her a couple weeks later. She was so embarrassed that she was in the hospital for that. Finally, after about a month, she came home happier than ever. I went up to see her and she began telling me about her disorder, out of nowhere. I was incredibly proud of her to overcome all that and still want to talk about it.
     It took me a long time to realize how much courage it took her to talk to me. I realized how brave she was and how much she means to me. That is why I think she is one of the most terrific people I know.

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