Mannerism of Students from the East and West

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Mannerism of Students from the East and West

A U.S student comes home from school and watches television. Later that student copies the behaviors he viewed and learned from television.
The media in our society has a huge impact on the behaviors of children. These attitudes and manners of students towards teachers and elders are influenced greatly by television, as they initiate behaviors they have learned on television.
In contrast most Asian, students sit quietly waiting for the teacher to come into the classroom and respectively welcome him/her. When the teacher comes into the classroom, all the students stand up for him/her as a form of respect. For Asian students, manners and respect towards elders and teachers is a part of their culture. Generally people from these countries are very respectful to guest and are expected to drop everything when a guest visits their house. The young of the family greet them, serve food and tea, to make them feel welcome. While this is admirable, it is partly because these cultures do not encourage freethinking.
      On an average school day, US teachers encounter harsh behavior and disrespect from the students. They put up with disrespectful behavior: cursing, talking back, and talking while they are speaking. For this type of behavior, an Asian student would receive caning and other forms of punishment. The student would not feel any resentment towards the teacher. Teachers are held in high esteem. On the other hand, students in the U.S say and do anything they want without any regard for elders. They are encouraged by the media to think they are the bosses and it is their right to do as they please.

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The viewpoint promotes self-confidence and free thought.
     In essence, since cultures are mingling the behaviors of young people in the Asian countries may also be drifting toward more self- centered behavior. The US students, on the other hand, may be positively modifying some of their behaviors through cross-cultural exchange. Hopefully, through communication these diverse cultures will adopt positive behaviors from each other, so students grow up to be gentlemen and gentlewomen.

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