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There are many nutritional problems that affect our world today. Malnutrition is complicated, harmful and apparent. Undernutrition is destructive, apparent and complex as well. But on top of those issues are the nutritional problems that are not even detected until laboratory test are conducted, specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies. These nutritional problems cause short-term and long-term harm to the brain and the body.

Short-term problems are issues that are either prevented at an early age or simply out grown as the child grows older. For instance, when a child’s teeth begin to decay, a dentist can stop the decaying process and prepare for the child’s adult teeth. The results of short-term problems such as not being fed systematically, infant illnesses, and allergies; can cause the infant/toddler to live fussy, winy and constipated with diarrhea. Another result is a short stunt in growth; the infant/toddler/child is smaller than the other children there age due to nutritional issues.

The misconception that many parents have about nutritional and the many malnourished children in the world cause long-term nutritional problems. The results of these problems such as protein-calorie malnutrition, marasmus, kwashiorkor, and formula have cause children to grow into adulthood with disorders or worse they don’t even live to see adulthood. Some children don’t have any kind to thrive with thin frail bones; some children are forced to deal with swollen face, legs, arms and abdomens; and other children are more vulnerable to other diseases such as measles, diarrhea and influenza. Not only do children not grow, but they also have excessive weight gain during childhood.

Undernurtition in inadequate nutrition, it is possible that we can harm ourselves by eating too much or eating too less something For example, when our diet includes a high level of simple carbohydrates, especially sugar, it is an insult to our blood-glucose system that can produce problems.

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The long-term chronic problems include hypoglycemia and diabetes mellitus; the short-term acute problems include mood swings and lethargy and can include symptoms that cause our children to be diagnosed as having Attention Deficit Disorder.

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