Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci

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Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci

     Nostradamus and Leonardo Da Vinci are two of the world’s most intelligent, amazing, highly achieved men that have been followed and questioned throughout history. They have changed time and left many people wondering what was true or false throughout their work and lives that existed hundreds of years ago. Although they lived in different countries and different times, they are both very similar through their work, genius ness, and minds.
     Both men were born in Europe in the fourteen and fifteen hundreds and studied with their grandfathers. Nostradamus was born in 1503 in France and was born Jewish but forced to Catholicism due to a religious reform. “Growing up he spent much of his time learning several languages, math, astronomy, and astrology from his grandfather, Jean” (Keyes). He had then gone to school for liberal arts and medicine and had even treated many victims of a plague.
     Leonardo was born in 1452 in Anchiono, Italy where he lived with his father and stepmother. He later moved to Vinci to stay with his grandfather and then traveled to Florence to have a greater education. “There he learned to write, to read and to calculate. Also he was taught in geometry and Latin” (Kausal).
     Although they used their studies in different ways, they had studied many of the same topics. Nostradamus had written in French, Italian, Greek and Latin in his many quatrains, as Leonardo spoke and wrote in French, Italian and Latin in his many journals. On the scientific subject, Nostradamus had his own practice in medicine and treated plagues, and Leonardo had held his own autopsies and studied the human body through medicine practice, drawings, and intense detail of the human form.
Nostradamus had become a prophet through religion, astrology, and astronomy predicting the future while writing a series of quatrains. Many people relate his writings to events that have happened in this day in age, while most of it does scarcely match his predictions. His work is questionable because it can relate to much of what has happened with the world long after his death. Many wonder how he could predict things and mention certain words and names that were never even heard of until hundreds of years after him.
Leonardo studied astronomy and astrology for knowledge of space and time for his inventions that we now have in the twentieth century. Leonardo is believed to have predicted the future through his many designs of guns, war tanks, bombs, planes, helicopters and much more.

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Though many of his ideas would have mechanically failed, his drawings are blue prints of much of the machinery we have today. People question how a man in the fourteen hundreds could possibly draw a helicopter or a war tank when it had never even been seen or even thought of before.
Leonardo Da Vinci and Nostradamus were two masterminds of the past that had immense amount of knowledge throughout their lives. These men were both misplaced in time but still knew of the future long after them. No one has ever been able to exceed their work and minds. Both are geniuses with amazing amounts of knowledge and enigma. They are highly spoken of and respected.

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