Journey to the Center of the Earth

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The book A Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne is a well-written and easy to read book most of the time. In my essay I’m going to give a description of the books events.
The book starts with Professor Hardwigg finding a scrap of paper that says its possible to get to the center of the earth and decides to take the journey. Hardwigg insists that Harry, his nephew, come with him on the journey. After they got the supplies, they start their journey for Mt. Sneffels in Iceland, the spot where they can get to the center of the earth. They travel up the mountain and find the opining were they start their journey. At the bottom of the shaft they find four paths that they can take and the Professor chooses one but it’s a dead end they select a different route. They soon discover water, which they vary much need from the lack of. Later they find a well-like shaft where they go farther below the surface of the earth. Continuing to descend Harry goes ahead of the others and it soon lost. He retraces his steps but becomes even more lost. After being lost for days Harry finds his Uncle. Later they discover the Central Sea, an underground body of water. Exploring the area around the sea, the travelers find huge mushrooms, bones of mastodons and other evidence of plant and animal life. The Professor decides that they must cross the ocean to continue further so they make a raft. Days later two huge monsters surface and almost sink the raft. Continuing on, the three spot what they think is another giant monster but discover it is an island that they start to travel to later a storm hits that almost sinks their raft and the storm carries them back to the shores from were they started but farther along the coast then before.
The Professor and Harry finds huge shells and a field of bones and even a human skull. Then they wondered if humans ever lived beneath the earth. They spotted gigantic animals and even a tall human being. Afraid they would get hurt they started back towards the raft. While they were going back Harry spotted a tunnel and inside the initials A.S are carved into it, Arne Saknussemm had been there before them, they also discovered that the tunnel is blocked.

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They went and got there raft and blasted their way threw the tunnel and after they did water began to rush them quickly to the bottom of the earth. They were stopped by a waterspout that sends them quickly back to the surface. Once they reach the surface they discover that they are on the island of Stromboli in Italy.
I enjoyed reading the book especially because of its funny and strange ideas and how people thought about the world in the past.

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