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One of the most heroic legends of a woman is Joan of Arc. She was a brave and outstanding woman. She was a leader and had a lot of courage for all that she has battled and conquered.
     Joan of arc was born at Domerey in Champagne, around 1412. In French, her name was Jeanne d’Arc. She was born the third of five children to a peasant farmer, Jacques d’Arc and third of five children to a peasant farmer, Jacques d’Arc and mother Isabelle de Vouthon. They were poor, but not needy. Her childhood was spent attending her father’s herds in the fields. She never learned to read or write but was skilled in sewing and spinning. Some thought her to be a unique child.
     Up until the age of thirteen, in the summer of 1425, Joan became aware of her “voices”. Joan believed that these “voices” were the voices of St. Michael, St. Margaret, St. Catherine and many others. They told her they were sent from god. They also told her to cut her hair, dress in men’s attire and pick up the arms. Her confessor did not believe her, just as many others didn’t. She told her judges “I saw them with these very eyes, as well as I see you.” The voices also said that it was her divine mission to free her country from the English and help the dauphin gain the French throne.
     By 1429 the English and their Burgundian allies occupied Paris and all of France north of Loire. Joan convinced the captain of the dauphin’s forces that these voices were real. She had to pass an examination by the board of theologians. They passed her and gave her troops to command and the rank of captain.
     In May of 1429 of the battle of New Orleans, Joan led the troops to a miraculous victory over the English. As she continued to fight in other locations, fear came over the other troops.
     On July 17, 1429 in Riems Cathedral, Charles VII was crowned King of France. Joan was given a place of honor next to the King. Later on, she was ennobled for her services.
     In 1430 she was captured and sold to the English, while defending Compiegne hear Paris. Then the English handed Joan over to the Ecclesiastical court at Roven led by Pierre Cauchun. They tried her for witchcraft.

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Also they told her it was a crime against god for a woman to wear men’s clothing. Joan was convicted after a fourteen-month interrogation. On May 30, 1431 she was burned at the stake. King Charles VII had made no attempt to help her or be at her side for all that she has done for his country.
     About 25 years later in 1456 a second trial was held in behalf of Joan and found her innocent of all the charges made against her. Joan was beatified in 1909. In 1920, the Pope Benedict XV also canonized her.

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