Different Styles in Coaching

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Different Styles in Coaching

No one is alike, everyone has there own way of doing things. For example, I was coached by two different basketball coaches in my high school years; both of whom had their own unique style of coaching. Coach Lira and Carla coached the same sport even though each had different strategies for their athletes.

     Coach Lira was forty years old and had coached for ten years. She coached for the same high school she played basketball at, and has a lot of experience in coaching as well as playing the game. Being on Varsity her sophomore year shows she is a good basketball player and knows the game well. Lira is considered a good coach because she can make a team win games. The relationship she had with her players was more like a teacher to a student. She wasn’t a friend figure. Being late was never an issue with her, she was always on time. Lira had many rules and was very strict. For example if you were late you would have to do one hundred pushups. During the games she would pick the players she liked over the players who deserved to play because of her short temper.

     She had workout practices. Every practice she made us do drills that would help us in a game. Making the players do 100 pushups and sit-ups before going through plays was very tiring. We would go through plays over and over until we got them down exactly they way she wanted them. We would practice every Saturday morning from 8:00 to 11:00. Are practices were different from regular practices because they were so intense. Lira took us to the championship game. Without her coaching, we would never have gone that far.

     My other coach, named Carla, was 20 years old, still going to college with no experience in coaching or playing basketball. She wasn’t a very good basketball player herself. In high school she was on the team but was on the bench. Carla really didn’t know the game that well. Losing games made her a bad coach. Carla was not a coach; she was more like a friend. Being late to every practice made her irresponsible. One positive thing about her was she never picked favorites. In fact, the players thought she wasn’t strict enough. She didn’t set rules. No one was scared of her because she was too nice.

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Carla never accomplished anything during practice.

     There was barely any workout during practice. Every practice we played horse. We never ran or did pushups. Basically, all we did was shoot hoops. We also never ran through any plays. Carlas’s coaching made the team lose almost every game.

     Experiencing two different coaches shows you different styles in coaching. Coach Lira made us work hard for long hours and helped us gain the knowledge and strength needed to lead us to a victorious season. Carla didn’t make us work hard so the outcome of that made us lose games. Every coach has there own reason for coaching the way they want to.

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