Important Factors In A Romantic Relationship

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Important Factors in a Romantic Relationship

     Why get involved in a romantic relationship? What benefits do they
have? People commonly ask these questions when faced with the decision of
getting involved with someone. Romantic relationships provide comradery,
courtship, and love. All of these contribute to building a lasting bond between
two people. Friendship is the foundation, courtship preserves the romance, and
love makes it last.

     Friendship is often the basis of romantic relationships. The comradery
brings two people closer together. A romantic partner is someone in whom to
confide, and with whom to share great problems. He is there to console and
comfort in hours of need. He gives his friendship unconditionally as a
foundation in the relationship. Friendship takes love and kindness, as do
romantic relationships. When a couple starts out as friends, they build a
stronger alliance. This is why romance usually starts with friendship.

     Courtship is very important in romantic relationships. Amorous
companions need to feel wanted and appreciated. Courtship keeps the romance in
a relationship. It helps one lover show the other how he feels. "Show your
love with flowers " is frequently used in the flower industry to get people to
buy flowers. Buying flowers shows one's affection. Holidays such as
Valentine's Day emphasize the need to show that special someone how admired they
really are. Courtship allows people to continuously grow closer and learn new
things about each other. Whether it is giving a sweetheart a dozen roses, or
an "I love you" now and then, courtship is what keeps the flame alive between
romantic partners.

     Love binds all romantic relationships. Without love they would not
exist. George Hebert shows the benefits of love in relationships in this
quotation that states "Love makes all hard hearts gentle." This quote expresses
how a cold person coming into a relationship can be softened by love. Having a
romantic partner gives a person a sense of reassurance, self-esteem, and love
for himself. Love enhances the lives of both partners in the relationship. For
example, when two people are in love, their emotions are at an ultimate high.
It creates a bond that is not easily broken. Ultimately, love is what makes a
relationship last.

     Romantic relationships enrich life with friendship, courtship and love.
Successful relationships are able to incorporate all of these and build upon

Tommy Page emphasizes the importance of these three things involved in
working relationships with his words "I'll be your lover, and I'll be your best
friend . . . I'll be your everything." This brings together all three aspects
of comradery, courtship and love in relationships.

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