Illegal Drugs

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Illegal Drugs

     The product is illegal drugs. The people who deal these drugs are
criminals. That's what makes the drug business different then any other.

     *Alcohol is a drug, yet adults are allowed to use alcohol products.
     *Nicotine is a drug, yet adults are allowed to use many different forms
of tobacco products, all      which have tobacco in them.
     *The drug Caffeine can be found in many everyday items, like soda candy
bars. Think of how      many cops we would need if caffeine products were

Why are drugs like cocaine,marijuana and heroin illegal? Cocaine,
marijuana and heroin are illegal because most people think that these controlled
substances are simply to dangerous for anyone to use. They the effects of thes
substances ruin the body and mind so badly and quickly that no one should try
     We have law aginst drug is so that the people who use dangerous drugs
are putting themselves at a very high risk. They risk their health and their
lives. Since they are breaking laws they also but themselves at the risk of
getting arrested. They risk their freedom and their future all for drugs.
     Each year drug use is the cause of a large number of accidents at home
in the office and on the road. Everybody pays the price of drug abuse: more cops
and prisons more hospitols and treatment centers and many lives lost.
     But drug users hurt themselves more than anybody because they are
supporting violent crimes in the drug world.
     Just by using drugs they become part of that drug world. They are
already commiting acrime. But the relationship between drug use and crime often
means that drug users go on to commit crimes like robbery,burglary,assult, and
     Drug addiction means that the brain is saying I need drugs now it must
have drugs. This offten means that addicts commit crimes to get money for
drugs.Studies show that drug use increases criminal behavior:

     *64% of violent crimes involve someone on drugs.
     *75% Of prison inmates have a drug use history.
*24% of addicts start dealing drugs to support their habit.

Studies also show that drugs play a big part in youth and crime:

     *more than 83% of youth in prison have used drugs.
     *40% of youth in prison for serious crimes were on drugs at the time of
the crime.
     *More than 40% of youth in prison used drugs befor the age of 12.

     Armed patrols Search and destroy missions and helicopter surveillance.
Sounds like americans at war, well this goes on every day on our own home soil
and the battle fields are our national parks and forests and the enemy is

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Marijuana is the most common used illegal drug in the U.S.

     * Over 65 million people have tryed it.
     *More than 25 million people have used it in the last year.
     *Over 11 million people use it once a month.
     *more than 6 million use daily.

If one is caught bringing drugs over the MN or an international border
is charged with a felony and can't spend more than 35 years in prison or a
payment that can't be more than $1,250,000 or both.
     If a person is cought selling a drug than they may be sentenced no more
than a year and or a fine of 3,000
     In 1970, the U.S. congress passed the Drug Abuse Prevention and Control
Act. this new act created five catagoriess of different drugs depending on how
dangerous they were. It also made drug laws tougher than they were in the past.
In 1981 the U.S. declared war on drugs, Congress passed more acts to toughen
federal anti-drug laws.
     But new laws and tougher penalties were not enough to stop drug trade.
In fact they didn't realy do anything while all these new law s were passed
between the 70's and 80's the use of drugs went up. Americans were using 60% of
the world's supply of illegal drugs.U.S. drug sales were over 100 billion
dollars a year.
     In the past years there have been some signs that anti-drug laws are
working. A survey done by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that
the number of people using drugs has dropped. But it will take more than just
tough laws to stop the drug trade. It will take money to help pay for cops and
the military operations, for medical and treatment centers, and new ways to
teach people about drugs and their laws like D.A.R.E.
     It will take more than just money too. It will take more than prisons,
cops, treatment centers and lesrning programs. The people are the main problem.
And it will take the people who know the relationship between drugs and crime
and care enough to do something about it. It will take people who care enogh to
say no to drugs.

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