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How To Set Up A Repel

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How to set up a repel and repelling down safely
     Before you start to learn on how to set up a repel you must gather the following tools: 2 people, rope that can reach the ground from where you wish to repel from (this should be 10 mm static rope), one figure eight, four carabineers, a harness, the knowledge of how to tie figure eight knots and water knots, two pieces of webbing long enough to tie from a stable off structure to your rope, and leather gloves. It should take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to set up this repel.
You must first go and find an area where you can repel down that has 3 places to tie off from. You must find 3 sturdy places that will not give way once you start to repel down. Some examples would be thick trees, steel beams, and concrete pillars. Then you must tie a figure eight knot at the end of your rope that you are repelling off from. Then you will wrap the rope around the secure structure five times and slip a carabineer in the figure eight and attach and lock it to the other end of the rope. Pull the rope so it is tight and there is no chance of slipping. Next find the other two places to tie off from and go ahead and tie the webbing into water knots around the tie off points and attach a carabineer and lock it to the webbing from the rope. Where you attach the carabineer to the rope you should also tie a figure eight knot in the rope. Once you have tied everything up you must then go ahead and test the ropes to make sure they will not slip.
     Now that everything is safe and secure you must deploy the rope down to the ground. Before you throw the rope you must yell “rope” to let anyone below know what is coming down. Next put on your harness, and the person who is not going to repel down the rope should go ahead and go down to where you plan on repelling down to. They are going to go down there to be your safety if you start to fall.
     Next you must put a carabineer through the bottom of your harness and also threw the belt as well. Once you have done this you must run the rope through the figure eight, slipping the rope in a loop through the big circle and around the small circle or the figure eight. Then stick the small circle or the figure eight your carabineer and lock the carabineer. Then you will take the rope and slide if from one side of you to the other behind you buttocks. Whichever hand you wish to be your break is the side that you will run the rope over to. You should wear leather gloves to prevent the rope burning your skin. To stop once you start going, you must pull the rope up against you body and this will stop you.
     The safety person now should be down where you plan to end up after you repel down. When you are the safety person all you need to do is pull down on the rope, which then will stop the person repelling wherever they are. Once you decide to start to repel down you must first yell out “repel”, and the safety person in return should yell out “repel on”.
     Now that you have set up your repel there is a few things your should be aware of for a safe repel. Check to see if the weather conditions are safe. If it is going to rain if recently did the rocks might be slippery, which could cause you to get hurt. Second, wear tight clothing that will not get tangled up in your equipment. Third, make sure that your tie offs are secure and safe, and have no chance of giving way. Fourth, make sure that your equipment is new or is safe enough to use. Finally, have shoes that will grip the rocks enough that there is no chance of them slipping. Once you have done all of this step to the edge and go ahead and start your repel.

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