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Your studying for your final exams when all of a sudden you feel it coming on. A headache. It’s definitely your worst one yet, and to make matters worse, you’ve only just started studying an hour ago. It’s probably from going over all those problems in the small print of your text book. The test is tomorrow and the pain in your head is so unbearable that the only way known to make it go away is to go to bed. But, in the back of your mind, you know that you haven’t finished studying yet and if you go to bed now, you’ll definitely fail the test tomorrow. Does this problem sound familiar? How many of you can say that after continuously studying, your head starts to pound ? Well, there is no need to worry about failing anymore, because, believe it or not, there is a new way that studies are showing that can relieve your headaches, lower you stress levels, and actually make you relax more.

Believe it or not, the newest way to make all those things I just said happen is by using herbs. Now I know what your thinking, herbs, aren’t they just used for cooking? Well, not anymore. In this speech I’m going to tell you what type of problems herbs can be used to treat, which herbs to use, and how to apply and prepare them. When it comes to what problems herbs can be used for, their are so many. Common problems that teenagers have nowadays are headaches, stress, acne, colds symptoms, and depression. These problems can usually occur around finals, flu season, and just out of the blue. Also, as teens get older, they have more freedom and would hate to be stuck in the house sick or with a terrible headache when a massive party is going on . Now, teens won’t have to make their parents pay money for medicine that taste disgusting and takes days to make them feel better. They can just use different types of herbal treatments that aren’t that hard to make and can make the pain go away faster.

Now, you can’t just use any herbs for these problems. Their are over 100 herbs commonly used, and not all of them are used for the same problems. When it comes to headaches, the most known herbs used to make them go away is betony, willow, and lavender.

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Some types of herbs used for stress are St. John’s Wort, Catnip, and Suma. Although St. John’s Wort is used for stress, it’s also been known to be used for depression. Another herb used for depression is False Unicorn. Beside headaches, stress, and depression, another problem teenagers have is acne. Common herbs used for that are Garlic and Cabbage. The most usual problem that teens have all the time is the common cold. The most known herbs for that are Echinacea, Bayberry, and Cinnamon.

The most common ways of applying herbs is by compress, which means to soak a cloth in the herb solution , and then apply it directly to the skin. Oils are another common application of herbs. They can be used as inhalants, in teas, and commonly used for massages. Although you can use herbs externally, you can also you them internally. Some herbs are ground into a powder and then is put into tablet form. Capsule and tablets are generally used for no longer than six months at a time.

Although these herbs may have some small side efforts when taking them, it’s a small percentage of that actually happening. The only real problem that scientists are looking into is that certain herbs have had studies shown that people who use them could develop cancer. There are lots of herbs commonly used, so if a herbal treatment you try doesn’t work, you can always find a different herb for that treatment. Also, since there are so many herbs, don’t just focus on one particular one, and make sure that you find a few that you’ve heard a lot about. Finally, always check with your doctor on whether or not you picked a good herbal treatment to try and see what he suggests.

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