Emperor Penguin

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How did you find/choose this site?
-I simply did some browsing, which led me to this exceptional site.

1. Summarize what you found at this site and how the info relates?
-This site included two types of penguins. The Adelie and the Emperor Penguins. The Emperor which, is mentioned in our book, can weigh as much as 20 to 45 kg. These animals are graceful swimmers and show great agility under the water. They are found in the Southern Hemisphere. Their diets consist of squid and fish. (below is a picture of an Emperor adult, and its young).

2. List 3 specific things.

Arrival: April
Egg Laying: May
Hatching: July 62-66 days of incubation
Departure of chicks: December and January
Food: squid and fish


-Below is a picture of 2 Emperor Penguins submerged under water.

-As I mentioned before, penguins are very graceful swimmers. Another added advantage to this is that they can submerge below water for certain amounts of time. Penguins can swim at an average speed of 60km/h and their average duration under water can be anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes.          

3. Based on what you have learned in this course, how accurate is this information?
-I believe it is very reliable. I compared it to what was said in our text and it stood up very well, granted this site goes more in depth upon this subject than our text. But it still manages to speak about the Emperor Penguin which are book informs us on.

4. Consider the authors of this website their qualifications to write about this subject. How reliable is this source?
-Very reliable. These men and women spend their whole life studying and analyzing different marine animals, etc. One also must realize, that they are only human. So something overlooked by one team of explorers, could easily be spotted by another person or team. But overall, it is exceptional, especially for those who have no-type of knowledge about the Emperor Penguin.


5(part1) Overall, how useful was this site in helping you learn about Oceanography? What was most useful?
-Overall, not too much at all.

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But, when we specify a part of oceanography (Emperor Penguins). I must say it was very useful. The most useful was the information how the colors differ with age. Other vital information was also contained in their biology. Which I displayed up-top.

5(part 2) Would you recommend this site to other students?
-I am not sure at all, it would depend on what they were looking for, but if penguins was part of their search, then yes most definitely I would suggest it.

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