Drug Abuse

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The repetitive deaths of drug users has became, nowadays, an everyday

phenomenon, that most us has got used it. The numbers of the victims

more and more increase rapidly in such a degree that makes us shudder.

Prospectively, there was an alarming increase in drug abuse at our college.

Many students take cocaine, heroine, LSD, hash, crack, and other drugs;

all these illegal substances provoke undeniably addiction.

The reasons that led to that accrual are various. Firstly, the alienated

interpersonal relationships has decreased the esoteric communication

between people. The hostile environment of the megalopolis has worsen

the communicational impasse and has attacked the psychic equilibrium of

individuals. Secondly, the faulty function of the family; the chasm

between them, turns young people to other types of ‘families’ of the

demiworld. Even overprotection some times makes them ask for a

gateway. Thirdly, the imitation of musicians and actors can lead many

young people to drugs, as they are trying to look alike them. Nevertheless,

as we now, today all this staff about being ‘cool’, affects mostly young

people and it is more obvious in places where there are many gathered,

like in college. Moreover, another reason can be the fact of the

provocative easiness to find drugs in college, whenever and whatever drug

you want. Finally, a disappointment from a relationship or school, for

example a fail in the finals, can be a good reason for those young people to

turn in to drugs.

For this bad situation that exists in our college, counselors and teachers

have to undertake control. They have to inform and consult students about

the danger of taking drugs. Also, college besides of education has to try to

nourish a positive personality. This will succeed with the existence of

corporation between students and teachers, the reinforcement of activity

leading, the growth of positive thinking and ensurance of freely expression

of students. Teachers and counselors have to penetrate into young people’s

problems and try to help them, by showing to them that they care and they

are willing to help them. In addition, an introduction of a club with the

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corporation of teachers and students with an ulterior target to talk about

problems that are annoying them organizing exhibitions that will inform

substantially about dangers of drug abuse, visiting centers of detoxification

to see with their own eyes the truth about drugs.

Hence, young people constitute the warranty for a better future.

Consequently, every investment of love and care we to them it will

attribute in the future. None of our tries will go to the trash.

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