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Division Classification: A logical way of thinking that allows us to make sense of a complex world. The institution that what people stated the purpose.

     -Division-taking a single unit or concept, breaking the unit down into its parts, and then analyzing the connections among the parts and between the parts and the whole.

     -Classification-brings two or more related items together and categorizes them according to type or kind.

II. How Division-Classification fits your purpose and audience.
     A) Break the subject into parts as it is easier during prewriting.
     B) It imposes order to the mixture of ideas during prewriting.
     C) Helps the writer analyze topics
     D) Helps structurize an essay.
     E) When writing on certain things you divide such as writing about parts, stages, or a process.
     F) When showing categories use classification.
III. Suggestions for using Division-Classification in an essay

1. Select a principle of division-Classification with your purpose.
     A) Subjects can be divided according to a number of different principles.
     B) A single principle of Division-Classification provides the foundation for each major section of the paper.
     C) Division-Classification can use more then one principle. The paper can shift from one principle to another in different parts of the paper.

2. Apply the principle of division classification logically.
     A) Take your time while writing division-Classification and other words don’t wait till the last minute.
     B) be sure to hit every angle of your subject, meaning don’t leave at the obvious.
     C) Don’t overlap for example dividing birds you could use the Bald Eagle, but he is almost extinct, so don’t over lap by saying he is a bird plus extinct.

3.Prepare an effective thesis.
     A) A division-Classification thesis does more then signal the paper’s subject and suggest your attitude the general subject
     B) The thesis can state the principle of division-classification at the heart of the essay.
     C) The thesis can reveal which part or category you regard as most important.
     D) It signals the paper’s plan of development.
     E) Use specific facts, examples, and details.
     F) however, the thesis does not have to be so structured.

4. Organize the paper logically.
     A) Discuss comparable points in each section of the paper.
     B) Use signal devices to connect various parts of the paper. For example “Unlike the creatures of the tidal area and the upper beach.”

5. State any conclusions or recommendations in the paper’s final section.
     A) Insights come during writing this, can be used as a conclusion or recommendation.
     B) The essay may also end in a proposal.

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