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This is a story of a guy who falls in love with a girl who was deaf and dumb. (Weird).

P.S. Dear reader if you thinking why Carla can speak sometimes in the story is that she is talking in either sign language or writing it down on a piece of paper saying what she is saying. So for example Carla said “yes”, it means she either said it in sign language or written it down. Also you might think how does Timothy talk to Carla. It is simple, he just talks, use sign language or write it down as Carla has the ability to read your lips. (Wish you can read lips, use sign language and have a steady spare stock of paper to write down for conversation, I would find it hardly impossible to do it. For people who can do that, I appreciate the thought of how you can talk to people like that)

My name is Timothy Smith. I live in Bunbury where I study from Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School(BCGS). I am very good in sport especially in Basketball. I am the captain of my team. My stern father is a very rich man with many friends around the world, who has a very high interest in what I do in my life. He is a judge who is well known in the judicial system. When I was small my mother died of cancer. Even though I had never had an experience with my mother, my dad married many ladies of high status that would take care of me. My father has married many people and is recently married to a supermodel. Most of my friends in school always humour me with my dad’s marriage status. They would always tell me that I was lucky to be related to some of the people that my dad was married. Even though, he has married many people just for me, I never ever like the people that he has married. They all marry because of my dad’s money. I wanted my dad to marry someone who was not interested in his money, but my dad only married women who are very famous and who were also very beautiful. I am in my final year of schooling. After that I would have to go and work with my dad. I dislike what my father does as a career.

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I prefer to be an artist. Even though I get good marks in my Art subject, my dad is never interested in the work I have done. Most of my paintings are really good. When I get my report card, my dad always check on my grades on law. He wants me to become a judge like him.

I know most of the people who are in my classes. During my first day in the third term, I noticed that there was a new student in my art class. It was a girl I never seen before. I didn’t know her name. She was a girl of the same height as me. She had blue eyes that you cannot imagine. It so sometimes remembers me of the ocean as my mother had most beautiful blue eyes that I have only seen in my dreams. She had most incredible long blonde hair that I have seen. She even has the greatest body I ever seen in school, I mean that she has does an attractive physique that any girl would die for. Most girls in my school would break a leg or even drop their boyfriend just to know how to be as attractive as her. She looked like, as she wasn’t spoiled from nature. She was as ripe as an apple from the first moment it fell from the branch. All I knew was that she could draw better than me. She drew many masterpieces of work that impressed my teacher. I couldn’t believe that my teacher liked her work more than my work. I was extremely jealous and anxious to know this attractive girl. When I went up to her, while she was drawing a still portrait of a vase, I introduced myself. She didn’t move or seem to hear when I told my name. I started to speak a bit louder to her to see if she was lost in her work. She still did not even flinch from the loudness of my voice. My art teacher came up to me, and said that she was unable to speak and hear what I say because she was deaf and dumb. It seems she was born like that. Even though being deaf and dumb she was extremely gifted in the world of Art. The teacher told me her name. Her name was Carla Angel Amanda.

I thought of how a person could be deaf and dumb for the rest of their life, but still is gifted. Even though I was not a believer of God, after the tragic death of my mother, I couldn’t believe how God would let someone let be born like that. I decided to learn how to use hand language. It was difficult because most of the friends, called her terrible names, which she couldn’t hear. I felt extremely sorry for her. It took me a while to learn, but I knew the basics since I got help from a friend who had a brother who was deaf. The guy was extremely happy about teaching me how to use hand language.

One day, I was bold enough to go up to her, and tapped her on the shoulder and introduced myself. After my incredible lessons, I thought I could have my best. After the formal introduction, she left crying. I didn’t know what I did wrong. Everyone in the class and especially the teacher were puzzled what I did. I was asked by the teacher to go and find Carla and ask her what I did wrong. I looked for her around the school, and found her in the gym. She was still crying when I found her. I thought it is best that I write down what I said so I got a piece of paper and wrote it down. She looked at me and I pointed at the paper. She took the paper, and read it. She looked at me with a smile in her face and wrote down, that she was happy that someone had the courage to talk to her in hand language. I wrote down, saying that her work is masterpieces. She replied with a thank you sign. I took her back to class, and the teacher asked her what I did wrong. She wrote down something and gave it to the teacher. The teacher smiled and threw the paper towards the dustbin. I was wondering what would she write down on the paper that would give the teacher a smile. I was so curious that I waited till, after the class was over, I secretly went to the dustbin and found the paper.

It said, “This boy next to me, was the only handsome boy, who had the courage to talk to me. He even had the courage to compliment on my work. Usually boys and girls are jealous of my work. I think I just found my first friend.”

I was interested and intrigued of this girl. She wrote nice things about me that I didn’t even know of. From the day onwards I wanted to know everything about her. I had to ask someone who knew in school, but I did not know of a person. I didn’t want to snoop on her. So the best thing I could do was give her a drop back to where she came from. I found out that she was a boarder of BCGS. It seems that her foster parents wanted to make her live her individual life. The weirdest thing I ever did was asking my dad if I could join in boarding. He thought I was joking. When I told him that I was serious, he asked me, why I wanted to join boarding so suddenly. The only thing that I could come up was that I could live my own life. He was laughing at that statement; I thought I lost the case. But I won; he said that I could join the boarding facility next term. I was very happy because I could leave the boring house, and live in boarding with my friends.

When the new term started, I met my old friends, and met new friends who were all boarders. They were very nice but I didn’t see Carla though. I asked if they knew her. Most of them said they didn’t know her because she never comes out of the unit and never comes to socialize. It seems most of the guys would want to go out with her, but she wouldn’t talk to them. On my first day after school finishes, I see Carla and see that she goes to her unit. First thing I could think, was how to get her out of the unit. I found the perfect answer. I knocked on the door, waited till someone came to answer the door and asked her to give Carla the note. After that Carla came out. She was looking around and she saw me. She came up to me, and gave me a most attractive smile I have ever seen.

What I wrote on the note was, “Could the most attractive girl who could draw the most beautiful pictures could help me draw a picture of a the most beautiful thing in the world.”

When she asked me what I wanted to draw, I pointed at her. She was thinking I was joking. I told her to sit down and she was shocked at my request. She sat down and I got out my canvas and started drawing her. I did the drawing with the best of what I can draw. She looked so attractive even on paper. After drawing I wrote down a caption saying ‘Angel from Heaven’. When I finished my drawing, I didn’t show her the work, because I didn’t want firstly to let her see it, but to let the whole of school to see it first. She was asking why I didn’t show it to her first. I told her she would see it, if she would go out with me, to the Art Exhibition. She shook her head negatively, and I replied saying I won’t show it to her. Finally she said yes.

On the day of the exhibition, when all the work that is done by artists in school, I presented my ‘Angel from Heaven’. I got the first prize for my work. Carla didn’t even enter because she wasn’t there. I was wondering where she was. I went back to boarding after the most tiring day in school. I saw Carla with another guy. It was a guy I knew before. It was a guy I knew from a previous school. He was a notorious person, as he was expelled for having a knife in his locker. He looked like, as he was drunk. He looked like as if he was hurting Carla. I thought I should help. When I intervened, the guy took out a knife and started waving it at me. I lashed at him, knocking him down to the ground with a harsh left hook. He fell down the floor with a thud. I think I broke his nose or something of his face. Carla cried, and hugged me. She wrote down on my hand, ‘Thank You’. I called out for the boarding teacher and most of the boarders came out and saw Carla hugging me. They all were snickering and whispering. I knew what they all were thinking. They were all thinking why am I hanging around a dumb and deaf girl. After the boarding teacher took away the unconscious drunk, I asked her how he came to her. She said that he came into the unit; he looked as he was looking something. He found some money and finally he saw her. He grabbed her and took her outside. After that was history. I told her not to worry, because I told her I would be there to protect her. It sounded to weird coming out of my mouth saying something like that.

After a few weeks, finally came the most exciting thing in the school’s history. The Annual Ball. I knew whom I was asking out but I didn’t know how to ask her out, because she would say no. I went up to her, during class, asked her if she was free on the Ball night. She said no. From that answer, I asked her out. What I couldn’t believe was that she yes. I went hysterical with the answer and accidentally spilled my paints over the floor. The teacher got really angry and gave me a detention slip. I really didn’t care if I got a dozen detention slips, all I wanted to see the word YES (Carla can’t speak so I presume I can’t say he heard her say yes). When I went to detention, the only thing that I could think was what am I going to wear to impress her. I borrowed some clothes of my dad without asking him. I hope I didn’t look like a dork.

On the night of the great and unforgettable Ball, I went to her unit, in my best dressed up suit, she came out in the most remarkable black dress, which matched my clothes. It was like as if we knew what each other was going to wear. Both of us were shocked. When we went to the Ball, most of the couples, were staring at us. It seems we were the most odd couple. We sat down, to listen to the magical wisdoms words of the guest speaker. It was crazy. The guest speaker was my father with another lady who I have not seen before. After they got up, they started to announce the King & Queen of the Ball was. I heard my name for the King; at the most crucial one was the Queen. If it weren’t Carla, I would resign the Crown. The lady announces the Queen.

She said, “I hereby call out the Queen. She is known here as the best artist but second best to the King, her name is Carla Angela Amanda.”

I couldn’t believe what she said. I told what just happened and she just didn’t believe me because she thought I was lying to her. Suddenly everyone stood up, applauding us. I took Carla’s hand and took her up the stage. My dad was looking at me with a different face. A face I have never seen before. I thought he was going to chop my head for taking his clothes or asking Carla out to go to the Ball. When we were throned he gave a quick kiss on Carla’s cheek. She blushed red. I told her that he was my dad. She even blushed further red. She looked like the ripest apple in the world. It was tradition that King kisses the Queen, so I told her that she wouldn’t slap me, if I kissed. She said not to kiss her. When she turned around, I took her hand, and she looked at me. I quickly kissed her. I don’t remember how long was it, because it felt like it was forever. That stopped when she broke off, and slapped at me. After the slap, she kissed me back. Anyway after the ball, I don’t think we even left each other only for a few hours . We did everything, we went out and we graduated first in our classes. Anyway this is a story of me falling in love with a girl who I believed was the most attractive, mysterious, blonde and blue-eyed girl in the whole school and the whole wide world.

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