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My Eyes Bringing Desire to Christina’s World:
Dependency and Hope in the World of a Handicap

     “I can’t take my eyes off of you.” is repeated many times in the song “The Blower’s daughter”, which means quite a bit. With the poem and to the painting, the song expresses the feeling in both of the eyes of a handicap person and in the eyes of another person who loves them. Handicapped people require all the attention in the world, and even when they aren’t being attended to, someone is thinking about them. In the painting, the artist depicts a young girl, who seems to be crawling toward a home on a hill quite the distance away. She seems to be quite thin and weak, which hints at the point there may be a physical problem with her. In the poem, the farmer and his family give birth to a handicapped child and while watching her sleep, can see the desire and peacefulness in her. “His thoughts while they are resting. She’s only imagining, stalks of yellow flowers flush and frilled and rippling, and a song of hours. On this and all the world’s resources, she lingers, lit up like a votive.” which means that she is only thinking about the most peaceful things in the world, and no matter what happens while she is awake, those thoughts inside of her will not be changed. These examples express the thought of someone being different or struggling to live. With the picture of a weak girl crawling to a home-looking building and the constant attention both shown in the song and the poem, these three things all connect in a certain way. They connect in the way of love and caring. They connect in a way that shows the desire and the determination anyone can see in a handicapped person’s eyes. In the song by Damien Rice, it seems, that quite possibly someone has fallen in love with someone. It does not have to be what everyone thinks. Love is not just something between two people, this could also be something felt by a father to a daughter, or a mother to a son, in a completely non sexual and non physical way. The father, who is a farmer in the poem “Bringing Desire to The Fields”, seems to be in love with his handicapped daughter. He thinks about her constantly, even when he is about to sleep.

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The same thing shows in the song “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice. He is so in love with this girl who has nothing, that even when he cannot see her, she is all over his mind. She seems to be handicapped in some way in her life. He sings of her having no hero and no glory as if she cannot do anything amazing in her life at all. He sings as if she is somewhat a handicap on the world. There can be someone who is a handicap, maybe not due to disease or problems with their body. There may be something bothering the person mentally, which would remove all will from them to accomplish something, but yet they still live on.

     There is only one thing that can stop a person from doing something or accomplishing something in their life, their handicap. Through a truly handicapped person’s eyes they see peace, and the only thing that is stopping them from being normal and doing something special is their handicap. Through the song, the poem, and the painting, the thought of struggle is something that comes to mind. In the painting, the girl seems to be struggling to get to peace, her home. In the song, the man seems to be struggling to get a girl to enjoy life and herself, even though he has a pretty simple life, she doesn’t. In the poem, the farmer struggles to make a good life for his daughter, who seems to have something wrong with her. With all the struggle in the lives of these people, something still seems peaceful about each of the works. The sounds and the tone of the song makes a calming atmosphere and a relaxing sound which is something we all want to be, calm and relaxed. In the painting, the girl though struggling to get home, still lives in an area where certain things many people would worry about, she doesn’t have to. In the poem, the words flow so smoothly it also has a relaxing feel to it. The farmer speaks of his garden, which is normally depicted as peaceful, and even though he is struggling to care for his daughter, he still has the ability to look at all he has done and all the hard work he has put into his own life that he still can be at peace. It is hard to imagine or to depict ourselves in situations like these, but if actually thought about deeply, we will be able to find the one handicap in our lives, or someone whom we secretly or openly care for faces. As stated earlier, a handicap isn’t something that is a physical or mental disability, it could be a small thing deep down in each of us that prevents us from living up to our potential. There is no way to prevent handicaps, we are all born with something different from everyone else, and all we have to do is find it, and use our own peaceful way of taking care of it before it gets the best of us.

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